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Pleasure Boat / Water Cruise Spots in Yamagata Area

  • Mogami River Yoshitsune Adventure Boat Ride
    6 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Mogamiguntozawamura Furukuchi Takaya JR Takaya station parking lot
    A sightseeing boat ride which travels down the Mogami River. The Mogami River is famous in part due to a poem by renowned a haiku poet Matsuo Basho, and riders can enjoy the seasonal beauty of the area during their journey. One of the highlights of the trip is being able to visit the Sennin-do Temple mentioned in Basho’s “Narrow Road to the Interior.” The ship embarks from JR Takaya Station.


  • Mogami River Basyo Line Descent
    61 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Pref. Mogamiguntozawamura Furukuchi 86-1
    This boat trip descends the Mogami River. They're regular route covers about 12 kilometers from Furukuchi Pier in Furukuchi, Tozawa Village to Kusanagi Pier. It operates every day of the year. The hour-long journey lets visitors enjoy the seasonal views of the Mogami Gorge. The songs of the well-trained boatmen are one of the highlights, and on occasion they'll break into mimicry or sing in Korean. They also offer a variety of special plans, like a course that takes in Shiraito Falls from April to November and a cool of the evening cruise in July and August where you can watch the sun set from the Mogami River.

    During our 3 week visit to Japan, I really wanted to visit Basho country. I chose a ryokan in Takaya, Yamagata Prefecture by the Mogami River to satisfy this desire. Our hosts mentioned the Mogami...

  • Tobishima Pleasure Boat
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Sakata-shi Tobishima

Yamagata Areas


Although often overlooked, Yamagata prefecture by no means lacks appeal: the Yamadera temple trail through the mountains, deliciously tender Yonezawa wagyu, and over 100 steaming hot springs, most notably Zao Onsen, await visitors. When winter comes, the snowcapped peaks become dotted with skiers by day and onsen-goers by night, while summer brings the celebration of juicy Yamagata cherries.

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