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Coast / Beach Spots in Akita Area

  • Lake Tazawa Shirahama Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Senboku-shi Tazawako Tazawa Haruyama
    A beach located in Haruyama, Tazawa, Tazawako, Senboku City. Situated on the east bank of Lake Tazawa, facilities include a walking path and docked used to board pleasure cruises. The beach is also the site of the Lake Tazawa Ryujin Festival held in late July celebrating the legendary dragon king, and during the festival a variety of events are held such as the parading of portable dragon shrines.
  • Kaze no Matsubara
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Noshiro-shi
    A pine forest, the largest in Japan, sprawling along the coast in Noshiro City. Today consisting of seven million pine trees, the forest is equal in area to 163 Tokyo Domes. The forest was planted during the Edo period to prevent sand from the coast getting blown inland by the area's powerful winds. The area has been selected for inclusion in many lists, including a selection of Japan's top 100 natural areas people which to see preserved into the 21st century. Popular area highlights include a walking path paved with wood chips and a wooden playground and obstacle course where children can play.
  • Unosaki Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Oga-shi Funagawaminatonnagawa
  • Nishime Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Yurihonjo-shi
  • Oga Nishi Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Akita Oga-shi Togakamoaosa

Akita Main Areas


Famed for its sake and samurai, Akita prefecture offers quintessential Japanese culture in a non-touristy setting. Alongside the celebrated rice paddies and historical sites of the region lies dramatic natural scenery in the form of the rugged coastline of the Oga Peninsula and the Dakigaeri Gorge, best visited in autumn, when the leaves begin to change color.

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