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Leisure / Outdoors Spots in Akita Area

  • Senshu Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Akitashi Senshukouen
    This park in Akita City, Akita Prefecture was established to maintain the inner and outer citadel of Kubota Castle. It was designed by landscape architect Yasuhei Nagaoka. The remains of the Omonogashira-gobansho (a guard post where the samurai on guard duty and in charge of opening and closing the gates were stationed) and the restored Osumiyagura turret and front gate offer vestiges of the past, and these are popular as photo spots. At a shop in the outer citadel one can try delicious dumpling called Senshu Dango. The lush garden is famous for its cherry blossoms and azaleas and is consequently a popular spot for blossom viewing during the cherry blossom festival and azalea festival each spring.
  • Akita Museum of Art
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Akitashi Nakadori 1-4-2
    This art museum located in the Nakadori district of Akita Prefecture’s Akita City opened in 1967. It moved to its present location in 2013, and was redesigned by architect Tadao Ando. The museum stores and exhibits numerous famous artworks, though the bulk of its collection is from 1930s Western-style painter Tsuguharu Foujita. Sights to see include the more than 20-meter long mural “Annual Events in Akita.” The unique architecture is a must-see, featuring elements such as a spiral stairway without any supports and a pond that looks out towards Senshu Park.
  • Akita City Akarenga Red Brick Folk Museum
    92 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Akitashi Omachi 3-3-21
    This is a museum of local history in Omachi Town, Akita City, Akita Prefecture, arranged in three buildings including the former Akita Bank headquarters “Red Brick House” constructed in 1912. Traditional craft items from Akita City are exhibited in the red brick building, designated as an important cultural property of Japan. Concerts are held annually in the magnificent atrium hall. The new building has memorial rooms for Akita-born woodblock print artist Katsuhira Tokushi and national treasure hammer artist Sekiya Shiro, as well as exhibitions relating to Akita’s history, folklore and art.

    Designed locally and originally the Akita bank (til 1969), the building had very high ceilings and plenty of marble and woodwork to marvel at. The two exhibitions - by two metal work and wood cut...

  • Kakunodate Kabazaiku Denshokan
    56 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Sembokushi Kakunodatemachiomotemachishimochou 10-1
    This is a tourist facility in Semboku City, Akita Prefecture, established to promote the traditional Kakunodate craft of “Kabazaiku” (cherry bark art) which began as the craftwork of lower-grade samurai. Kabazaiku is characterized by the brilliant, deep coloring it gets from the bark of the mountain cherry tree, and is often used for making tea utensils and accessories. Inside the building Kabazaiku, handicraft, cultural and historical materials are on display, and the Kabazaiku creation demonstration corner is particularly popular. The building itself, made in the old Kakunodate architectural style, is a sight to see.

    This Museum has an interesting collection which will enhance your knowledge of life and early industry in the Kakunodate district. During our visit there were also exhibitors of local crafts with...

  • Ohmura Art Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Sembokushi Kakunodatemachiyamanemachi 39-1
    A 16 minute walk from Kakunodate Station. A private museum located in Kakunodate, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture dedicated to René Lalique, who was considered an Art Deco master. The museum’s collection of some 400 pieces includes glass works of art by Lalique, Art Deco pieces from the same period as his lifetime, and related materials. In order to fully show off the beauty of its glass artwork, the museum makes use of small exhibition spaces and careful lighting. In addition, the museum chooses a special theme every two or three months and presents select pieces for exhibition accordingly.
  • Oga Aquarium GAO
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Ogashi Togashiohama
    An aquarium overlooking the Sea of Japan in Togashiohama, Oga City, Akita Prefecture which was remodeled and reopened in 2004. Visited by large numbers of tourists, the aquarium was also used for filming in the movie “Tsuribaka Nisshi.” The impressive Giant Sea of Oga Aquarium exhibit recreates the ocean off Oga and houses some 2,000 living creatures spanning 40 species. Visitors can also come in contact with real sea creatures at the aquarium’s Touch Pool and watch the aquarium’s popular polar bears as they romp and play. The aquarium also has a restaurant where you can eat while gazing out over the sea.
  • Akita Culture Industry Facility - Matsushita
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Akitashi Senshukouen 1-3
    A multi-purpose complex facility in Senshu Park, Akita City. An old Japanese restaurant in Senshu Park was renovated and turned into this complex facility where visitors can learn about the Akita culture. There is a tea house which has made use of the small kitchen, and a sake bar which stocks all the best known sake. Visitors can also catch some performances by maiko from Akita at the Akita Maiko Theater, which is the main place for maiko activity in Akita.
  • Hirafuku Memorial Museum of Art
    20 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Sembokushi Kakunodatemachiomotemachikamichou 4-4
    The Hirafuku Memorial Museum of Art is an art museum in Omotemachi Kamicho, Kakunodate Town, Semboku City. The name of the building is derived from the Japanese painters Suian Hirafuku and Hyakusui Hirafuku, parent and child from Kakunodate. The building was designed by Hiroshi Oe, known for his architectural designs of the National Noh theater and Hosei University. Opened in 1988, it was built on the land where the North Satake family (Satake-hokke) of the Satake clan resided and where the old Kakunodate Junior High School building stood. There are pieces of work on display from Naotake Odano and other local artists and followers of Hirafuku, as well as other active young artists.

    The brochure describes the inspiration of the building design as the northern Europe. For me, it looked like Arabic or Middle Eastern. Whichever you agree, it shows a striking contrast to the...

  • Goshogake Nature Trail
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Kadunoshi Hachimantai Kumazawa In the national forest
    This is a trail near Goshogake Onsen in Kazuno City’s Hachimantai Kumazawa National Forest. The course takes about 40 minutes round trip, and offers a close up volcanic experience with Oyunuma hot lake and its bubbling springs, as well as one of Japan’s largest mud volcanoes.
  • Historical Site Osarizawa Mine
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Kadunoshi Osarizawa Shishizawa 13-5
    An abandoned mine for the copper mines in Osarizawaaza Shishizawa, Kazuno City with mine deposits discovered in 708, Osarizawa Mine long contributed to Japan’s mining industry until it was closed in 1978, only to be opened to the public as mining ruins. You can try out some gold panning and other programs, you can tour the 1.7 kilometer-long mine. It is a valuable industrial heritage.
  • Kosaka Town Municipal Museum Kyodokan
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Kadunogunkosakamachi Kosaka Nakamaeda 48-1
    Learn about the history of the Kosaka mines at this museum, which has a rich collection of cultural artifacts on display and introduces the history of Lake Towada, the natural scenery of Kosaka Town, and more using graphs, photos, and dioramas. Outdoors, there’s also a steam locomotive guest car that carried Emperors Chichibu no Miya and Takamatsu no Miya. It’s about two minutes by car from the Kosaka Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway.
  • Akigin Omorin no Mori, Akita City Omoriyama Zoo
    59 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Akitashi Hamada Katabata 154
    The Omoriyama Zoo opened in 1973 and is approximately 8.8 hectares in size. The zoo has a characteristic terrain being surrounded by various trees and plants, and has a spring water lake called “Shiohikigata” in the center. There are 97 kinds of animals kept in the zoo and it takes approximately 90 minutes to leisurely walk around seeing them. There is also a visitor center, snack corner, the “Asove Forest” with large playground equipment, and an observation platform as well as Omoriyama Amusement Park “Aniba.” It is approximately 15 minutes from Akita Minami Interchange on the Akita Expressway.

    Can't beat the price! Sure, the zoo doesn't necessarily have the most impressive collection of animals, but you sure get lots of value for the money!

  • Kua Dome The Boon
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Akitashi Nibetsu Mantarame 213
    The Boon is a hot springs facility located in a large domed building. Within the dome, there is a heated pool area and a hot springs baths area. The heated pool area has a “lazy river” and waterslides, etc., making it a great place for both children and adults to have fun. The hot springs zone has proper outdoor baths as well as sauna facilities. The second floor level has an event hall and relaxation rooms where visitors can take a rest after enjoying themselves in the other facilities.
  • Akita Art Village
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Sembokushi Tazawakosotsuda Waseda 430
    This is a general resort facility along Prefectural Route 50 in Tazawako-sotsuda Aza-Waseda, Semboku City. They have facilities for culture, arts, crafts, dining and of course onsen, with Yupopo Hot Spring, craft beer restaurant Tazawa Beer, and home cooking restaurant Diner Bakkya, as well as Warabi Theater, Econico Plantation, and Forest Crafts Gallery.
  • Herb World Akita
    8 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Yurihonjoushi Nishimemachinumata Shinmichishita 490-5
    This is a herb garden in Numata Shinmichi-shita Nishime-machi, Yurihonjo City. The garden boasts of a total area of 20,000 square meters, and grows about 250 varieties of herbs from all over the world. You can see all kinds of flowering herbs in season, including lavender, and they sell all kinds of herb-related goods. There's also a restaurant serving herbal teas, and a workshop where you can try making crafts and soaps.

    国道7号線、道の駅西目が目印です。少し奥まったところにひっそりとある施設です。 建物はあまり大きくないですが敷地はかなり広いです。 季節的にいろんなお花は咲き初めでしたが施設の中で体験メニューも充実しておりいろいろ楽しめました。

  • Children's Ferrite and Science Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Nikahoshi Hirasawa Takarada 4-1
    This is a science museum located along the Ushuhamakaido road in Hirasawa Takarada, Nikaho city. The museum hosts a memorial hall dedicated to Kenzo Saito, who discovered industrial uses for the magnetic iron-oxide derived substance ferrite and founded TDK, as well as to his supporter Teiichi Yamazaki. They also have displays in magnetism, and a research workshop with experiment area supervised by Denjiro Yonemura.
  • Yokote Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Yokoteshi Shiroyamamachi
    This park is located in Shiroyama-machi, Yokote City. It maintains the remains of Yokote Castle, which was destroyed during the Boshin War fought around the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and the beginning of the Meiji period (1868 to 1869). At the Honmaru ruins is Akita Shrine, and at the Ninomaru ruins there is a three-layer castle tower observation deck which also serves as a local museum, enabling you to enjoy views of the Yokote Basin.
  • Yokote Fureai Center Kamakura Hall
    40 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Yokoteshi Chuoumachi 8-12
    This is a general purpose facility next to Yokote City Office in Chuo Town, Yokote City. There are a local specialty shop and concert hall inside. They have displays on Yokote traditional kamakura igloo making, and in the kamakura room there's a real Yokote snow-made kamakura igloo on display year-round.

    This museum is very small, but a great opportunity to experience the Kamakura if you are not in the season. The people at the reception door was very friendly.

  • Yokote Masuda Manga Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Yokoteshi Masudamachimasuda Shinmachi 285
    This is Japan's first full-fledged manga museum, located inside Masuda Fureai Plaza in Masuda Town, Yokote City. They showcase work by Masuda-native manga artist Takao Yaguchi as well as original pictures of manga by artists from Japan and overseas. They also run special exhibits, talks by manga artists, and book signings periodically. The museum is closed for renovations until April, 2019.
  • Akitainu Hall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Akita Pref. Odateshi Sannomaru 13-1
    This is a museum founded in 1977 to honor the Akitainu breed of dog located about 15 minutes' walk from Higashi-oodate Station on JR Hanawasen line, in Odate city, Akita prefecture. The third floor hosts the Akitainu History Room with displays of materials on the dogs. From April to November, you can come see the real thing in the kennels.

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Famed for its sake and samurai, Akita prefecture offers quintessential Japanese culture in a non-touristy setting. Alongside the celebrated rice paddies and historical sites of the region lies dramatic natural scenery in the form of the rugged coastline of the Oga Peninsula and the Dakigaeri Gorge, best visited in autumn, when the leaves begin to change color.

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