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Museum / Science Museum Spots in Shiroishi / Zao Area

  • Kakuda City Space Tower Cosmo House
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Pref. Kakudashi Kakuda Gyukan 100
    A 15 minute walk from Abukuma Express Kakuda Station. This facility was built to serve as a symbol of Kakuda City, the location of the JAXA Kakuda Space Center. From the Space Tower observation deck, visitors can see the city and all the way to Zao Mountain Range. The Cosmo House has space-themed exhibits such as a full-sized model of a satellite, a real rocket engine, videos, and more. There's also an actual-sized, 49 meter tall model of the H-II, Japan's first entirely domestically produced rocket. The facility's shop sells space-themed merchandise.
  • Shiroishi Castle History Museum
    9 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Pref. Shiroishishi Masuokachou 1-16
    Approximately a 10-minute walk from the Shiraishi Station on the Tohoku Main Line, and a 10-minute drive from the Shiraishi Interchange off of the Tohoku Expressway, this museum is located alongside the Ote Ichinomikado gate to the Shiraishi Castle inside the Masuoka Park. The shop on the first floor of the castle sells items unique to the castle and other Japanese washi paper-craft products, and other local specialties such as Umen. One can enjoy at the restaurant various dishes incorporating umen such as shojuro umen using white miso, and their specialty soft ice cream. On the second floor is located the historical archive as well as a 1/100 scale model of the donjon surrounding the castle and other displays showing the steps by which the model was built. On the third floor is a theater which plays films in which the castle was used as a backdrop.


  • Miyagi Prefecture Zao Wild Bird Forest Nature Observation Center “Kotori House”
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Katta-gun
    This nature observation center is located in Uwanohara, Togattaonsen, Zao Town, Katta County. It is adjacent to the Zao Wild Bird Forest. The center introduces the natural environment of Zao and the rest of Miyagi and the ecology of the wild birds that live there through a variety of exhibits such as nature dioramas and taxidermy specimens. It also organizes a number of events including trekking, nature observation, and crafts.
  • Shibata no Kyodokan
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Shibata-gun Shibatamachi Funaokanishi 1-6-26
    "This museum complex is located in Funaokanishi 1-Chome, Shibata Town, Shibata County. It is comprised of a number of facilities including the Furusato Cultural Lore Museum, which features classrooms for hands-on learning, a multipurpose hall, and a library, the Joshin-an teahouse, and the Industrial Exhibition Hall, which displaysindustrialproducts in the town. The Shigenkaku exhibit hall features exhibits on the history of the town dating back from prehistoric times on the theme ""3. 65 million days of Shibata.”"
  • Ubagafutokoro Minwa no Sato Furusato Otogien
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Shibata-gun Muratamachi
    This local product promotion center is located inside of Ubagafutokoro Minwa no Sato on Prefectural Route 25 in Iboishi, Koizumi, Murata Town, Shibata County. It sells products from the local area and around the region. It also sells fresh local produce every Saturday and Sunday. Visitors can also enjoy soba noodles made with local buckwheat flour, broad bean and rice flour noodles, and other dishes at the attached soba restaurant.
  • Murata Town Rekishi Miraikan
    12 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Shibata-gun Muratamachi Murata Hasama 85
    This lifetime learning center is located in MurataTown, Shibata County. It is comprised of exhibit halls, a library, a video room, seminar rooms, and other facilities. The permanent exhibit hall features exhibits on topics including the history of the town and folk entertainment. There is also a special exhibit hall that hosts several special exhibits each year. A festival float from Hotei Festival, a tradition dating back eight centuries, is displayed in the entrance hall.


  • Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Kan
    30 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Pref. Kattagunzaoumachi Togattaonsen Shinchinishiurayama 36-135
    The modern building at the foot of Mt. Zao housing the Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Kan is a museum of kokeshi wooden dolls which opened in 1984. Traditional kokeshi wooden dolls and wooden toys from around Japan are displayed, and approximately 5,500 items are divided clearly by their lineage. The museum offers a place to touch as well as see by having a corner to view demonstrations as well as a shop, and visitors can enjoy painting their own doll. It is approximately 25 minutes by car from Shiroishi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway.

    Went to buy kokeshi doll ,went to visit the hall, could do workshop Also got the history from which towns kokeshi comes and what is the differencr

  • Shiroishi Information Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Miyagi Shiroishi-shi Otakasawamisawa Sakurada 11-6

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Lying along the northeastern coast of Japan, Miyagi prefecture is home to lashings of natural parks, oysters, and hot springs. While the bustling city of Sendai offers some simple city entertainment, it's the Matsushima islands that deserve the most attention, having boosted the prefecture's reputation as one of Japan's most scenic views.

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