Skyline, etc. Spots in Miyagi Area

  • Zao EcoLine
    Travel / Tourism
    Zao-machi, Kariya-gun, Miyagi prefecture/Nishikeshuku-machi/Yamagata prefecture Kamiyama-shi
    This mountain road extends from Togatta Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture to Botaira Highland in Yamagata Prefecture, running 26 kilometers through the Zao Mountain Range. The road is closed from early November through late April for snow, but when it opens the snowy walls of winter remain, until they give way to the green of summer, then the lovely leaves of Autumn, letting you enjoy the year-round beauty of Zao on your drive.
  • Zao Highline
    Travel / Tourism
    Zao-cho, Kariya-gun, Miyagi prefecture
    Zao Highline is a 2.5-kilometer toll road, branching from the Zao Echo Highline, and it directly connects the mountaintop parking lot of Mt. Katsutadake. The tall walls of snow that line the road in the spring are a sight to see. Golden Week (early May) is the best time to see it. You can easily see Zao’s famous Goshikinuma (Five Colored Marshes) and crater from the car park though you will need a snowsuit in the spring because of the cold. Enjoy the beautiful views of fresh green leaves in the summer and beautiful autumnal colors in the fall. The Highline is closed from early November to late April because of snow.

Miyagi Areas


Lying along the northeastern coast of Japan, Miyagi prefecture is home to lashings of natural parks, oysters, and hot springs. While the bustling city of Sendai offers some simple city entertainment, it’s the Matsushima islands that deserve the most attention, having boosted the prefecture’s reputation as one of Japan’s most scenic views.

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