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Temple Spots in Sanriku Coast Area

  • Choanji Temple
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    Iwate Ofunato-shi Hikoroichicho Choanji 57
    This temple is located in Choanji, Hikoroichi-cho, Ofunato City. It is said that it was founded about 900 years ago by Jiromaru Tamemasa, the fourth-generation great-grandson of Kon no Tametoki, head of Kesen County. The temple was destroyed by fire once and rebuilt at the end of the 18th century. The temple gate was condemned by the Date clan for using zelkova, which was forbidden at that time, and because it permitted on the condition that construction was canceled, it is a special gate without doors or fences.

    Choan-ji Temple is believed to have been built around 900 years ago. It's a great example of Kesen Carpentry. It burnt down in 1556. The front gate was rebuilt in 1798 and stands 17.5 metres high. A...

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A northern Tohoku prefecture promising peace and quiet, Iwate is sparsely populated, replacing people with snow-capped mountains, history-rich sites, and fields of crops that are to thank for the region’s delicious local cuisine. Meander along the three-city Golden Route, where you’ll visit the grand Buddhist temples of Hiraizumi and the Tono folk villages before tasting the three famed noodle dishes of Morioka.

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