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Observation Tower Spots in Iwate Area

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    Iwate Pref. Moriokashi Moriokaekinishidori 2-9-1
    A skyscraper and commercial complex located a three-minute walk from the west entrance of Morioka Station on the Tohoku Main Line. In addition to the numerous offices which rent space here, there are conference rooms with free Wi-Fi. The observation deck on the top floor offers a sweeping view of Morioka and can be used as an exhibition hall for paintings and handicrafts. The building's mall area is occupied by a drug store; clinics; and restaurants serving Japanese, Western food, a cafe buffet, and even establishments which can be used for parties. The atrium in the building contains a recreation of the front facade for the former Japan National Railways Morioka Factory.

    Malios has made the top floor of their building a free observation deck. You get pretty much 360 degrees. Its all enclosed, no going outside. There are some binoculr machines at spots. The windows...

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A northern Tohoku prefecture promising peace and quiet, Iwate is sparsely populated, replacing people with snow-capped mountains, history-rich sites, and fields of crops that are to thank for the region’s delicious local cuisine. Meander along the three-city Golden Route, where you’ll visit the grand Buddhist temples of Hiraizumi and the Tono folk villages before tasting the three famed noodle dishes of Morioka.

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