Pleasure Boat / Water Cruise Spots in Aomori Area

  • Lake Towada Pleasure Boat
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Pref. Towadashi Okuse Towadakohanyasumiya
    The peninsula and cliffs of Lake Towada, as well as the wonderful natural scenery can all be enjoyed from this sightseeing boat cruise. There are two cruises available, the A course departing Yasumiya dock to Nenokuchi, and the B course which departs from Yasumiya, travels around the Nakayama Peninsula and back to Yasumiya dock again. The Oirase Gorge, covered in natural forest land, is designated as a Natural Monument, and this natural beauty can be enjoyed from the comfort of the cruise boat.
  • Mutsuwan Ferry
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Pref. Higashitsugarugunsotogahamamachi Kanitachushimiyamoto 160
    This is a car ferry that connects Kanita Port in KanitaChushimiyamoto, Sotogahama Town, Higashi-Tsugaru County with the Wakinosawa Port in Motomura, WakinosawaVillage, Mutsu City. It is commonly used for tourism for connecting the Tsugaru Peninsula and the Shimokita Peninsula. One can often see wild dolphins swim along with the boats in the Mutsu Bay from mid-April to around the end of June.
  • Saiteikikanko Co., Ltd.
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Pref. Shimokitagunsaimura Sai Osai 112
    A company offering 30 minute one way tour boat trips between Port Sai and the Hotokegaura rock formations. These boat tours are the best way to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Hotokegaura, a two kilometer long stretch of curious, bone white rock formations, emerald green foliage, and azure waters which has been selected as one of Japan's 100 most secluded regions. The company's sightseeing course includes 30 minutes of free walking in the area and also includes a free guide. The company's regularly scheduled trips are held daily from April 20 until the end of October.
  • Yume no Heisei Go
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Mutsu-shi Wakinosawa Honson 227

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Centuries-old stories of samurai at Kakunodate and the remains of millennia-old archaeological sites including the likes of Isedotai invite history buffs to delve into Aomori's fascinating history. As the most northern prefecture on the Japanese mainland, Aomori enjoys a cooler climate, which makes it a welcome escape from the southern cities for combining castles, art galleries, and summer festivals with the great outdoors.

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