Coast / Beach Spots in Aomori Area

  • Tanesashi Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Pref. Hachinoheshi Samemachi Tanakubo
    This coastline is part of Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park, and is one of Japan’s most famous sights. The beautiful coastline and unusual rock and reef formations create a spectacle well worth seeing. There are many well-maintained trails, including the Kaigan Tansho Hodo, one of Japan’s 100 foremost trails. These offer a full taste of the natural beauty of the area through all four seasons. There is also a popular campground open April to October every year.
  • Senjojiki Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Pref. Nishitsugarugunfukauramachi Kitakanegasawa Sakakibara
    Senjojiki is a coast just outside of Senjojiki Station on the JR Gono line. The bulging rocks appeared in the 1792 earthquake, The name of “senjojiki” is originated from a banquet held by a lord of the Tsugaru Domain who carpeted thousand tatami mats on the rocks. The area is filled with unusual rock formations with evocative names such as Buddha Rock or Helmet Rock. The scenery has led to the area being named one of Japan’s top 55 beaches and top 100 sunsets, and the beaches and campground get crowded with tourists in season.
  • Sabishiro Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Misawa-shi Misawa Hamadori 902-3
    "This beach is famous for being the point of departure of ""Miss Veedol,"" the plane that made the first successful nonstop trans-Pacific flight. Aside from the commemorative plaque, there is also a display of a life-sized Miss Veedol model and across it is a viewing platform that lets you experience what it was like on that historic day. The long coast from north to south and the windbreak extending along it is beautiful. It has also been selected as one of the top 100 top 100 white sand beaches and green pine groves of Japan."
  • Okazaki Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Nishitsugaru-gun Fukauramachi Fukauraokazaki
    It has been known since ancient times as a sacred place to pray for safe voyages when at sea and for good catches of seafood, and this coast has Benten shrines for Benzaiten. It is also well known for its beautiful scenery that has been selected as one of the Japan's 100 Best Beaches. There is also a swimming area and campground next to it, and there is also a natural seawater pool, so it is particularly crowded in the summer.
  • Horozuki Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Higashitsugaru-gun Imabetsumachi Horozuki Chinai
    Located a 20-minute bus ride from Imabetsu Station, this is designated by the Tsugaru National Park as having the best view in the Tsugaru Peninsula. You can see the cliffs and rocks surrounding the cove, and get a full view of the Tsugaru Peninsula, the Shimokita Peninsula, and even Hokkaido. In the blue sea and beautiful beach, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, or other maritime activities, and at night you can see the lights from the squid fishing boats out on the water. The Takasaki camp site is nearby, and the red and white Takanosaki Lighthouse stands at the end of Takanosaki.
  • Ashizaki Bay
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Mutsu-shi Jogasawa Hayasaki
    A large harbor area facing Mutsu Bay. A long and narrow stretch of land extends out from the bay and the interior portion is referred to as Ashizaki Bay. A JSDF facility is located in the area and civilians are normally prohibited from coming here, but once a year the bay is made open to the general public and during this time it is a popular destination where visitors can go clamming. The bay is also a well-known winter destination for migrating whooper swans and brant goose.
  • Noshi Hama
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Shimokita-gun Higashidorimura
  • Byobusanhoanrin
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Pref. Tsugarushi Kidukuridekishima Kijimori
  • Osuka Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Hachinohe-shi Samemachi Hikage Sawa
  • Noheji Seaside Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Kamikita-gun Nohejimachi Tanabu Michi
  • Kokonoiura
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Towada-shi
  • Asadokoro Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Higashitsugaru-gun Hiranaimachi
  • Nagahama
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Mutsu-shi
  • Sunahama Kaigan
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Kamikita-gun Yokohamamachi
  • Nagahama
    Travel / Tourism
    Aomori Shimokita-gun Saimura

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Centuries-old stories of samurai at Kakunodate and the remains of millennia-old archaeological sites including the likes of Isedotai invite history buffs to delve into Aomori's fascinating history. As the most northern prefecture on the Japanese mainland, Aomori enjoys a cooler climate, which makes it a welcome escape from the southern cities for combining castles, art galleries, and summer festivals with the great outdoors.

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