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Shopping Mall / Shopping Street Spots in Aomori Area

    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Pref. Aomorishi Yanakawa 1-4-2A-FACTORY
    This commercial facility opened in 2010 and is located three minutes on foot from JR Aomori Station. Inside the facilities is a collection of specialist shops, studios and restaurants that use local foodstuffs. Aside from sweets and food like gelato made from “Aomori Milk,” one can purchase souvenirs themed on tastes only available in Aomori. Inside the building there is also a cider studio with eight brewing tanks, with observation and tasting courses (paid) also available.
  • VISIT Hachinohe (Youtree)
    49 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Pref. Hachinoheshi Ichibanchou 1-9-22
    Youtree, which is a one-minute walk from Hachinohe Station, is a convenient facility that contains a souvenir shop, lodging facilities, side streets in front of the station, an exhibition hall, meeting rooms, and more. The souvenir shop carries about 2,000 specialty items from Aomori. And with a reservation, visitors can experience making their own Nanbu senbei crackers, “Nanbu hishizashi,” and “Nanbu sakiori.”

    八戸駅はあくまで新幹線の駅で、栄えているのは本八戸駅のほう。 八戸駅前にはほとんど食べる店や観光ポイントなどはない。 でも八戸駅に隣接したユートリーの中にはレストランがあり、「せんべい汁定食」や「いちご煮丼」など地域色のあるものも食べられる。味もいいのでちょうどお昼頃に新幹線が着いたならここで食べてもいいだろう。 1Fには大きな土産店もあり、八戸を発つ前に一通りのお土産はそろえられる。手ぶらで観光...

  • Aomori Shunmikan
    45 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Pref. Aomorishi Ishie Takama 140-2
    Aomori Shunmikan is a place where Aomori’s delicious food is gathered. It also has many restaurants and souvenir shops. There are also many events and it is always busy, and there are limited time exhibitions of young producers and business founders from the prefecture. It is conveniently located at JR Shin-Aomori Station.

    We had lunch at Sakanakkui no Den while waiting for the shinkansen. The Hokke meal set came with a whole gorgeous meaty fish, and miso soup with good quality wakame seaweed. The place will adversely...

  • AEON MALL Shimoda
    Aomori Kamikita-gun Oirase Cho Nakanotai 40-1
  • Hachinohe Shopping Center LAPIA
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Hachinohe-shi Koyo 2-chome 14-1
  • ELM (Elm no Machi Shopping Center)
    Aomori Goshogawara-shi Karakasayanagi Fujimaki 517-1
  • Itayanagi Furusato Center
    7 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Pref. Kitatsugarugunitayanagimachi Fukunoda Motoizumi 34-6
    This is an apple-themed complex in Motoizumi,Fukunoda, Itayanagi Town, KitatsugaruCounty. The complex houses a variety of facilities including local produce shops, cottage lodgings, an apple exhibit and factory, and an apple grove cultivating over 250 varieties of apples from around the world. Visitors can enjoy apple picking during the season, tour the factory, and try their hand at making crafts or sweets.


  • Sky Plaza MISAWA
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Misawa-shi Chuocho 2-8-34
    In part because of the American military base, Misawa City is a center of international exchange, and this shopping mall is located in a part of the city known as America Village. The mall is filled with establishments with a strong focus on the American military base, the United States, and all things international. There's also restaurant where you can enjoy authentic pizzas baked in a brick oven imported from Naples Italy; as well as a cafe where you can enjoy sandwiches and baked goods along with a cup of coffee made using a cutting edge espresso machine.
  • GaLa Town Aomori West Mall
    Aomori Pref. Aomorishi Miyoshi 2-3-19
  • Hachinohe YATAI Mura Miroku Yokocho
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Hachinohe-shi Muikamachi
  • Low Chorensagai
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Pref. Hachinoheshi Takashoukouji
  • Tomabu Mall
    Aomori Mutsu-shi Kanamagari 1-2-5
  • AEON MALL Tsugaru Kashiwa
    Aomori Tsugaru Kashiwa Inamori Ikuyo 41
    Aomori Aomori-shi Hamada 3-1-1
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Aomori-shi Nagashima 1-6-6
  • Sunroad Aomori
    Aomori Aomori-shi Midori 3-9-2
  • Festival City AugA
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Aomori Aomori Shinmachi 1-3-7
  • Symphony Plaza Numadate
    Aomori Hachinohe-shi Numadate 4-4-8
  • HIRORO (Hirosaki Hiroro)
    Aomori Hirosaki-shi Ekimaecho 9-20
  • ra Serra Higashi Bypass Shopping Ctr
    Aomori Pref. Aomorishi Yaeda 4-2-1

Aomori Main Areas


Centuries-old stories of samurai at Kakunodate and the remains of millennia-old archaeological sites including the likes of Isedotai invite history buffs to delve into Aomori’s fascinating history. As the most northern prefecture on the Japanese mainland, Aomori enjoys a cooler climate, which makes it a welcome escape from the southern cities for combining castles, art galleries, and summer festivals with the great outdoors.

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