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Japanese Food Spots in Kushiro / Akan / Nemuro / Kawayu / Kussharo Area

  • Traditional Ainu Food Cafe Poronno
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Akanchouakankonsen 4-7-8
    Traditional Ainu Food Café Poronno, which offers Ainu food and handcrafted items, is located in the Ainu Kotan in Lake Akan onsen town. You can enjoy traditional Ainu food making full use of the abundant local mountain and ocean produce as well as original dishes made with a modern twist. Popular menu items include the Ainu traditional preserved food Pocche-imo, which uses potatoes, the Yukku Set, which is a set meal including a deer stew, and other original food.
  • Jun no Banya
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Menashigunrausuchou Rebunchou
    Jun no Banya is one of the sightseeing spots in Rausu Town due to its appearance as a simple lodging house in the TV drama Kita no kuni kara (From the North Land). Here you can enjoy food cooked with plenty of fresh seafood from Shiretoko Rausu and you can also buy some souvenirs too. It is open every day from May through to October. The views of Kunashiri Island floating in the sea down below are magnificent.
  • Rausu Maruuo Hamada Store
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Menashigunrausuchou Rebunchou 365-1
    This store is directly managed by a fishery in Rausu Town, Menashi County, Hokkaido, and has an area in the shop for customers to sit down and eat. The store offers a selection of fresh seafood, mainly caught in Rausu, such as crab, scallops and salmon, etc. In addition to the classic dishes such as seafood rice bowl, salmon roe rice bowl, and Atka mackerel set meals, you can also taste their Rausu sea urchin dishes for a limited time between February and June. Red king crab, freshly taken from the tank and boiled alive, is especially popular. When ordering the seafood lunch you can also have a go at breaking open the sea urchin.
  • Isamizushi
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Menashigunrausuchou Fujimichou 4-7
    Located in Rausu Town, Menashi County, Hokkaido, this is a popular sushi restaurant with many of the local residents. Their signature dish is the Shiretoko nigiri with 11 kinds of sushi using fresh Rausu seafood from the World Natural Heritage Site of Shiretoko. They also have lots of popular seasonal sushi only available in limited quantities such as sea urchin, available from late January to May, and pandalid shrimp available during the summer. They have a range of rice bowl dishes too with the Shiretoko seafood rice bowl packed with seafood topping such as sea urchin, salmon roe, and kinki fish being particularly popular.
  • Local Cuisine Nabekyu
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Akanchouakankonsen 4-4-1
    Nabekyuu is a restaurant specializing in local cuisine that is located near Lake Akan, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. As might be expected, the Sockeye Salmon and Japanese Pond Smelt caught locally in Lake Akan are particularly popular. In winter, the Japanese Pond Smelt is in season and can be eaten as Tempura, fried in a light coating of batter; it has a wonderful crisp texture and a delicious mild flavor. The Sockeye Salmon is in season in early summer, when it can be enjoyed as Sashimi or grilled with salt; both are equally delicious. The restaurant’s Sockeye Salmon Don (a bowl of fish and rice) and Japanese Pond Smelt Don dishes are also available as half-sized portions, so diners can try both fish together.
  • Iwami
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Menashigunrausuchou Fujimichou 4-1
    A restaurant serving highly seasonal dishes located at the entrance to Rausu Fishing Port. Here you can enjoy Japanese cuisine revolving around fresh seafood brought in daily to the port. Arabesque greenling is a local specialty food and the restaurant's signature dish is its arabesque greenling tempura. The plump battered greenling, drenched in sauce, is so big it hangs over the side of the plate. Another popular menu item is the sashimi set meal, which comes with ten varieties of sashimi. In winter, Iwami is only open for dinner, but in summer the restaurant also opens for lunch.
  • Kushiro Robata
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Sakaemachi 3-1
    This Robatayaki Japanese barbecue shop in Sakae-machi, Kushiro City, Hokkaido is over 60 years old and is famous as the birthplace of Robatayaki. It has used charcoal sourced locally from Kushiro for many years and grills based on the features of the fish, demonstrating its skill as a veteran shop. It offers carefully selected local fish and sake, as well as seasonal items like salmon and saury. Besides roasted dishes, they serve sashimi, rice bowls, and more. Business hours are until 23:00 in winter and 24:00 other seasons. They are closed Sundays, except for the Golden Week holiday and from August to mid-October when they are open every day.
  • Kaiten-sushi Nemuro Hanamaru (Nemuro Shop)
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Nemuroshi Hanazonochou 9-35
    This sushi restaurant is located in Hanazono Town, Nemuro City. They offer carefully selected seasonal fish and seafood caught from the waters around Nemuro. With mottos of the pleasure of looking and the pleasure of choosing, you can partake in this epitome of flavor in conveyor belt sushi with fresh salmon, saury, and cod soft roe in winter. The passing flow of Nemuro's ocean bounty on the belt is a sight to behold. They particularly recommend their spear squid with increased availability from winter to spring, whelk from eastern Hokkaido, and pacific cod konbu-jime caught by pole and line in Hamanaka.
  • Boo
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Nishikichou 2-4 Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf MOO Mu 2F
    On the second floor of MOO at Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf, this stall-like stand in the Kushiro harbor stalls area provides sushi and sashimi of the local fresh shellfish. The Minato no Yatai food stalls offer a variety of fresh seafood and the famous zangi chicken, only to be found in this harbor town, Kushiro. One can hop from stand to stand and casually share tables while enjoying all your favorite foods. The popular lunch specialty is the fruit of the sea-laden Kaisen Nama Chirashi Sushi Donburi bowl.
  • Restaurant Shiraho
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Notsukegumbetsukaichou Odaitouminatochou 170
    "A Japanese seafood restaurant located in Odaitominato-cho, Betsukai Town, Notsuke County, Hokkaido Prefecture. The restaurant serves set meals, donburi rice bowls, sushi, and noodles with a focus on local seafood, including the ""Shiraho Teishoku"" set meal, which comes with a variety of seasonal sashimi and grilled fish dishes. From mid-June to late October, customers can enjoy a tendon tempura rice bowl made with Hokkai shrimp, a local Odaito specialty."
  • Hamanasu
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Shirakabacho Higashi Nijo South 2
    "A restaurant situated along National Route 38 in 2-Chome, Higashi 2-Jo Minami, Shiranuka Town, Shiranuka County, Hokkaido Prefecture. The restaurant serves over 100 Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes made with local, Shiranuka ingredients, including lamb meat from Charo Sheep Farm and cheese from Shiranuka Rakukeisha. Particularly popular is the ""All Shiranuka Mille-Feuille,"" mozzarella cheese sandwiched between deer meat and lamb meat hamburg steaks."
  • Akan Yoshidaya
    Hokkaido Kushiro-shi Akancho Akankonsen 1-4-23
    This souvenir shop is about a two-minute from Marimo no Sato Pier. The first floor has a wide variety of souvenirs, and on the second floor they have a cafe where you can enjoy dishes made with fresh Hokkaido ingredients. They stock the line of Herb Hill Furano original cosmetics, made with care using Furano's famous lavender. The manufacturers are strict in their careful selection of Japan-made ingredients, and the result is cosmetics that create vibrant, glittering skin. The shop also offers marine products and farmed marimo algae, as well as famous Akan sweets and wood carvings.
  • Kushiro Komagataya
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiro-shi Sakaemachi 6-2
    Located a one-hour drive from Kushiro Airport, this restaurant serves local cuisine and has a subdued, traditional Japanese exterior. The restaurant has a high class atmosphere and serves the kind of refined Japanese cuisine you'll particularly want to enjoy on a clear, sunny day. The restaurant's signature dish is its whole king crab served in its own vivid, scarlet shell. Compared with other types of crab, the meat of a hearty boiled blue king crab has a sweet and rich flavor. Many customers choose to enjoy it garnished with sanbaizu (equal parts vinegar, soy sauce, and mirin), the juice of a sudachi citrus fruit, and salt. Replete with private dining areas and a large room capable of hosting groups, the establishment can be used for banquets, get-togethers, and all manner of engagements.
  • Marutomo Suisan
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiro-shi Kitaodori 7-2-2
    A seafood pub located in the heart of Kushiro a five-minute walk from the Kushiro City Hall. Here customers can enjoy zangi fried chicken, known as karaage on the main island of Japan; as well as a seasonal oyster all-you-can-eat buffet, sashimi assortments, and more. The lively establishment, decorated with fisherman's banners, often serves as a restaurant where office workers can have an evening meal, but it is also the perfect place for a get-together with friends or a girls-only gathering. The establishment's menu is so large, even locals never get tired of the choices, and many customers come back here again and again. The pub can also host New Year's and end-of-year parties and other events.
  • Charcoal Grill Aburi-ya
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Akkeshi-gun Akkeshicho Suminoe 2-2
    This barbecue area is on the second floor of roadside station Akkeshi Flavor Terminal Conchiglie. It's a self-service area, and after you get your tray at reception, you can buy fresh caught fish and other food next door. Once you've chosen your food and paid, you can enjoy a charcoal grilled meal. Their Oyster Bucket is a hit, with a bucket full of 10 oysters sake steamed and overflowing with natural flavor. They offer a deep taste of the sea. They also offer 40 minutes all you can eat oysters, as well as take-home, and local delivery.
  • Sushi no Sakuratei
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Akkeshi-gun Akkeshicho Shinei 2-149
    This restaurant is at the southern tip of Akkeshi, town of flowers, flavor, and history. Look for the large sign reading Sakuratei, and inside the shop they serve select, fresh seafood. Akkeshi's abundant fisheries are nourished by the nutrient rich Oyashio current from south of the Chishima Islands and the many rivers around. Akkeshi oysters are the only domestic ones available year-round, so they gain popularity all year. The owner's recommendation is their Oyster Course meal, with multiple-courses made using loads of Akkeshi oysters. They have fried oysters, sushi, soup, and vinegar-ed oysters for a rich variety of seafood cuisine.
  • Kaisen-yaki Yukke
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Akkeshi-gun Akkeshicho Shirahama 1-60
    This restaurant is located inside Kakuichi Baba shop, a fresh seafood broker and wholesaler for the Akkeshi region. The homey interior is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood meal. Rather than tricky charcoal grilling, this shop stands out for its use of griddle steaming. They offer highly fresh and juicy oysters, scallops, clams, and whelks as well. Their Crab Fried Rice and Seafood Ramen, which were once back-kitchen dishes for staff-only but are now on the regular menu, are big hits.
  • Robata Renga
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Nishikichou 3-5-3
    A barbecue-style restaurant run directly by a fishery in Kushiro City, Hokkaido. Here you can cook and eat freshly caught fish, just plucked out of Kushiro Port moments before, on the barbecues before you. The menu is full of culinary delights from the north, including scallops in their shells, oysters from Akkeshi, and Atka mackerel. Courses and set menus, as well as individual items, are all popular. The inside of the restaurant has a retro feel about it where the old brick warehouse was renovated. The place is always packed with friends, couples and families.
  • Yachiyo Main Store
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Suehirochou 3-5
    This long-established sushi restaurant also specializing in shell fish and live crab was founded in 1926 and is located in the well known fishing town of Kushiro City, Hokkaido. The restaurant serves high quality seasonal food which is unique to Kushiro and guarantees to satisfy even those local customers who are most particular about their food. Their most popular dish is the Omakase Sushi, a set meal with 10 different kinds of sushi and other dishes served in a bowl. The restaurant’s seafood chirashi sushi (mixed ingredients on a bed of rice), which comes in big portions, is also very popular especially at lunch time. As well as seating at the counter, where you can enjoy conversation with the sushi chef, they also have private rooms where you can relax.
  • Sakamaru Bettei Yunagi
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Kushiroshi Suehirochou 5-7 Nakataville 3F
    Sakamaru is a popular Hokkaido Japanese izakaya bar chain. The bar's design gives it a hideaway feel, and all of the seating is in private dining areas. The bar uses a convenient iPad-based ordering system. In addition to an extravagant party menu consisting of dishes made with an abundance of seafood, the bar also has a snack menu perfect for an after party-type situation. The bar's signature Sakamaru Oroshi Zantare sauce-covered fried chicken topped with grated daikon has taken the gold prize four years running in the Karaage Grand Prix fried chicken contest sponsored by the Japan Karaage Association.

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