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Ropeway, etc. Spots in Hokkaido Area

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    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Fushimi 5-3-7
    This aerial tram traverses directly into the center of Mt. Moiwa from where a spectacular view of Sapporo's night scape can be seen. The glassed-in gondolas hold up to 66 passengers, yet a panoramic view of the virgin woodlands, downtown Sapporo, and even as far as Ishikari Bay can be seen during the day, making for an exhilarating 'walk through the air.' The scenic night view of Sapporo, selected as one of Japan's new top 3 cities for night views, is also recommended. One can transfer onto the Maurice car to proceed to the peak of Mt. Moiwa.
  • Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway
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    Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Higashi-kawacho Asahidake Onsen
    This ropeway connects Asahidake Onsen (1,100 meters above sea level) to the Fifth Station at 1,600 meters above sea level. It is located at the foot of Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido. Visitors can enjoy a massive 360-degree panorama over the course of this ten-minute air walk. The ropeway is one of the main sightseeing spots in Asahidake, where visitors can enjoy views of the changing seasons, such as the white skunk cabbage and the melting snow as it flows towards the wetlands in the spring, and see the alpine plants in full bloom on the summit of the mountain in the summer. Of all of the views the ropeway has to offer, the most popular is the scenic views reminiscent of spilled paint covering the mountain when the leaves turn red in the autumn. And in the winter, natural phenomena such as diamond dust and sun pillar may occur, which draw many cameramen who come to capture these moments.

    The ropeway is a convenient way to get to the base of Mount Asahidake. You can then walk a loop to the fumeroles and back. The views are lovely on the trip up and down. Park at the information...

  • Mt. Hakodate Ropeway
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    Hokkaido Hakodate-shi Motomachi 19-7
    The ropeway at Mt. Hakodate is about a ten-minute walk from the Jujigai tram stop and about ten minutes by car from Hakodate Station and right next to the ruins of the Nambujinya encampment. The gondolas are large with seating for 125 people, and have two stations, one at the base of the mountain and also at the peak observatory station. The top speed is seven meters per second and the top of the 334-meter-high mountain is reached in about three minutes. The beautiful seasonal scenery from the observatory deck at the summit and night view of Hakodate is highly regarded as the world's best and is a representative of tourism in the city. It is often crowded for an hour or two after sunset with people visiting to see the night view.

    Quite crowded during the sunset time. But it was worth waiting when the lights in the city slowly brighten up. But the view is great. Eventhough it was also crowded in the ropeway during the way...

  • Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway
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    Hokkaido Otarushi Mogami 2-16-15
    The ropeway connects Mt. Tengu, the symbol of Otaru, from the foot of the mountain to the summit in about four minutes. In the daytime you can see views of Otaru City looking like a miniature garden below, Otaru port and Ishikari Bay, and on clear days you can see as far Mt. Shokanbetsu and the Shakotan Peninsula. The observation deck at the summit has been awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide to Japan. In the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful night views of Otaru, said to be one of the top three night views in Hokkaido. Enjoy a nostalgic evening with views over the city like jewels sparkling in the night.

    It was a very pleasant cable ride to the top of Mt Tengu. The cable car was very spacious and clean. The view was very nice too.

  • Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Ropeway
    337 Reviews
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    Hokkaido Kamikawagunkamikawachou Sounkyou
    A ropeway connecting Sounkyo Onsen, the entranceway to Daisetsuzan National Park, and Mt. Kurodake. The huge gondolas can accommodate 101 passengers and can take you up to the fifth station of Mt. Kurodake. Another lift from that point can take you all the way up to the seventh station 1,520 meters above sea level. In addition to casual tourists, the ropeway is also used by climbers aiming for the top of the mountain. The ropeway takes seven minutes one way and operates at 20 minute intervals. On good days, you can see a sea of clouds with the peaks of the Daisetsuzan mountain range peeking out above.

    The walk around the summit requires a certain amount of dexterity but the views are very good. It can be very cold and windy so wear warm clothing. The day I was there the temperature was just below...

  • Noboribetsu Onsen Ropeway
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    Hokkaido Noboribetsu-shi Noboribetsuonsencho 224
  • Ususancho Sta.(Usuzan Ropeway)
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Usu County Sobetsu Town
  • Moiwa Chufuku Sta.(Moiwayama Ropeway)
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    Hokkaido Sapporo City Minami-ku Moiwayama1
  • Sugatami Sta.(Asahidake Ropeway)
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    Hokkaido Kamikawa County Higashikawa Town Yukomanbetsu
  • Unkai gondola Sanroku Sta.
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    Hokkaido Yufutsu-gun Shimukappu village Tomamu
  • Niseko Gran Hirafu Summer gondola
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    Hokkaido Abutagunkucchanchou Yamada 204
  • Furano Ropeway
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Furano Nakagoryo

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Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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