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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Hokkaido Area

  • Shihoro Town Green Tourism Network
    Travel / Tourism
    Shihoro cho, Habori-gun, Hokkaido
    Shihoro Town is known for producing some of the greatest quantities of potatoes in Japan. The JA Shihoro City coop gives tourists the chance to dig up their own potatoes fresh from the farm. Potato digging is offered from mid-August to late September. A reservation is required but groups of up to 50 can be accommodated. And of course you can take home the potatoes you've pulled from the ground. The potatoes grown in Shihoro Town are primarily used for making potato chips. Here you can get a rare opportunity to get your hands dirty and harvest this common foodstuff that is a common part of our daily lives.
  • Ika Bay
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Hakodateshi Suehirochou 24-6 Hakodate West Wharf 2F
    Here, one can try their hand at making seafood products like squid products, from the Hakodate City bay area. One can take DIY courses of making squid shiokara, starting by learning how to slice a squid, or making matsumaezuke pickles using the popular gagomekelp. The foods you make can be taken home with chill packs or shipped to your house. For the DIY gift course, for making the Donan traditional ikameshi with sweet and spicy squid, uses sesame oil with the rice, giving it a slightly Asian flavor, to which uni, scallops, and other seafoods are added and eaten there on the spot
  • 854 Cruise
    3 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kamisogunshiriuchichou Kotanishi 99-8
    854CRUISE (Yago Cruise) explores the Yago coastal area. The highpoint of the cruise, the blue grotto, was only given approval for access by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, after one year of negotiations. To be enveloped in the shimmering color of the deep blue water cave is truly a mesmerizing experience. Depending on the timing, visitors may encounter wild birds, dolphins or other creatures. The small tour boat, Yoshitsune, allows for a close dynamic experience with nature that is almost a tangible experience. (reservations required)

    宿泊した知内温泉旅館のお勧めで予定を変更参加してみました。 宿から車で30分昆布の水揚げ作業中の小谷石漁港からスタート矢越岬の岩陰ではキャプテンの村田さんの奏でる横笛に耳を傾け、崖を登るエゾシカの群れや、ウミウの群生地や魚を食料とする鷹など陸上からでは行くことのできない自然一杯の風景を眺めいよいよ青の洞窟へ侵入、今まで見たことの無い青さの海に感動!お天気に恵まれ遠く竜飛岬や大間岬も良く見え解りやす...

  • Abashiri Nature Cruise: Whale, Dolphin, and Sea Bird Watching
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Abashirishi Minamisanjouhigashi 4
    This cruise is operated by the Abashiri City Tourist Association, which is located at Roadside Station Ryuhyo-Kaido Abashiri. Its whale, dolphin, and sea bird watching tours run from April to October. Under the skillful guidance of Captain Maeda, there's a high chance you'll encounter whales and dolphins while getting to see the ecology of the thriving Okhotsk Sea up close. The animals you can see change from month to month, and you might even encounter unexpected animals like killer whales. A cruise lasts about 2 hours 30 minutes.

    With a blue sky and a flat sea we went on our hunt for whales. On the 3,5 hour trip we saw several orcas after half an hour but after that only dolphins from a distance. I know that the staff can’t...

  • Unimuki Taiken Center
    6 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Rebungunrebunchou Kafukamura Chitose
    Run by the Funadomari Fisheries Cooperative in Rebunmachi, Rebun County, Hokkaido, this facility lets visitors try their hand at peeling sea urchins. You peel off the shell of a sea urchin fresh from the waters around Rebun Island, dip it in sea water, and eat it straight away. It's a hit with families who can join in together using special peeling machines under the watchful eye of the staff. Eating top-quality urchin during the height of the season is even more delicious knowing you've prepared it yourself. The center also offers fresh fish caught off of Rebun Island. It is open from spring to autumn.


    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Hakodateshi Toyokawachou 11-5 BAY Hakodate inner diving
    Located a five-minute walk from the Jujigai tram station, this cruise from Bay Hakodate is a 15-minute tour of Hakodate Bay. High speed boats depart from the Uchibori area by the bay. The inside of the ship is equipped with comfortable sofa seats. A seat next to the cockpit is popular with children, letting them enjoy the breeze and the power of the boat on the water. The unique opportunity to experience passing under Shichizai Bridge is a highlight. Seeing Goryokaku Tower, Hakodate Mountain, and the large ferry that connects Aomori and Hakodate from the water is also great. This all-weather pleasure boat began operating in May of 2017. It's also recommended for romantic sunsets.
  • Sapporo Agricultural College Farm No. 2
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Kita-ku Kitajuhachijounishi 8
    Established in 1877, this is actually the site of the Sapporo Agricultural College (present Hokkaido University) which was conceived by its first Vice-Principal Dr. W. S. Clark, as an agricultural farm for training. One can see at a glance that the structures of the livestock stalls and the grain silos are built for stock raising, in the style of balloon frame architecture, commonly seen in the Midwest U.S.A. during this period. In addition to the fresh grain storage silo built in 1912, said to be the oldest in Hokkaido, there are valuable items on display such as horse-powered machinery imported from the U.S. during the early Meiji period.
  • Sightseeing fishing boat Tomoe II
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Menashigunrausuchou Matsunorichou 21-1
    You can experience the natural environment of Shiretoko Rausu, a World Heritage site, on this sightseeing fishing boat. In addition to excursions to Shiretoko Cape, fishing and drift ice cruises, you can also enjoy the sea of Rausu which changes with the seasons. For the excursion course, while observing the natural beauty that can only be seen off Rausu, you will travel around points where giant beaked and minke whales appear. Although it is a matter of luck whether you can, the majestic form of Mount Rausu overwhelms all who see it. Rausu is said to be the castle town of fish, so you can aim to dynamically catch the mackerel of Rausu in fishing boats.
  • Velotaxi
    5 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Sapporo City, Hokkaido
    This bicycle taxi service is in Sapporo City. Created in Germany in 1997, Velotaxi operates environmentally-friendly vehicles drawing attention from all over the world. As eco-friendly vehicles that do not emit carbon dioxide, operation begin in Sapporo City, Hokkaido by the NPO Eco Mobility Sapporo in April 2008. You can use them to enjoy an amazing time relaxingly going about nature-filled tourist areas and the city of Sapporo. The maximum capacity is two adults and one child. In addition to the predefined operating area, it is also possible to travel to specific locations or rent them for short periods of time.

    Bike taxis with driver in Sapporo city. Two adults or Adult plus two kids. Suitcases ok. Dogs ok! Flag them down anywhere downtown and tell the driver where you want to go. Or contact the office to...

  • Ecorin Village
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Eniwashi Makiba 277-4
    This theme park in Eniwa, Hokkaido is based on the theme of Ecology. The paid-entry area Galaxy 'Ginga' Gardens hold over 1,000 varieties of plant. The animal farm Midori no Makiba holds popular sheep races every day. Ecorin Village also offers dishes made with mutton from the park at its restaurant, and holds wool craft classes and other programs and events parents and children can try together.
  • Hokkaido Hakone Farm
    19 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Chitoseshi Higashioka 1201
    This farm and ranch is on National Route 234 in Chitose City, Hokkaido. You can try your hand at farming and dairy chores, like milking. You can also try making all kinds of things like cheese, butter, sausage, fresh caramel, and more. In addition to souvenirs, their Ranch Shop also offers soft-serve ice cream made with dairy fresh milk.

    We traveled by rental car from Chitose toward Furano in summer, this place is our first stop to rest and enjoy good food especially those made from beef, cheese and fresh milk. There are also many...

  • Fermier Tomita Shop Milk Dream
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Mombetsugunokoppechou Utsu 99-8
    This farm is in Okoppe Town, Monbetsu County, Hokkaido. They have on-site lodging, and their Farm Experience, where you can get close to the animals, and enjoy food made with dairy-fresh milk products is popular. Their famous cheeses Tomu and Okoppe Daichi won gold at the ALL JAPAN Natural Cheese Contest, and have been designated as Official Hokkaido Brands by the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Kitakitsune Farm
    62 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kitamishi Rubeshibechouhanaoka 52-1
    Fox zoo located in Rubeshibe Town, Kitami, Hokkaido. Get a close look at over 60 well-fed foxes. Baby foxes are born every spring and you can watch them grow throughout the year. Check out their popular original fox plushies and other souvenirs.

    This place is so wonderful i say. In this place you can see a red fox, they are not cage, so you can close to the fox. i come in morning so some fox is lying and sleeping. that so cute. ありがとう

  • Saika-no-Sato Sasaki Lavender Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Sorachi-gun Nakafurano Town West 1 north North 12
    A tourist farm in Nakafurano, Sorachi County, Hokkaido. Cast your eyes upon the ranging fields of lavender sprawling over the gentle hills below the Tokachi Mountains. Many different varieties of lavender are planted amongst the farm's fields. Dried lavender and lavender potpourri are available for purchase at the shop.
  • Akesato Ito Dairy Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Nemuroshi Akesato 101
    A farm situated along National Route 243 in Akesato, Nemuro City. In addition to being able to pet farm animals in the farm animal zoo, the farm offers activity programs such as experiencing the life of a dairy farmer by making butter, milking cows in a barn, and trying a variety of other jobs over a several hour period. In the adjoining Rakuno Kissa cafe, visitors can enjoy desserts and Western style foods made with the farm's meats, milk, and vegetables.
  • Bihoro Forestry Museum Kiterasu
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Abashirigumbihorochou Shinmachi 3JR Mihoro Station 2F
    "This exhibition facility is located on the second floor of Bihoro Station in Shinmachi 3-Chome, Bihoro Town, Abashiri County. It opened in 1988 as an exhibition hall covering topics such as Japanese larch forests and wood. During a recent renovation, wooden play equipment such as a slide and tunnel was installed at the facility, which is now known by the nickname ""kiterasu,"" a portmanteau of ""ki"" (meaning wood or tree) and ""terrace."""
  • Ohashi Cherry Farm
    9 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hokkaido Ashibetsu-shi Kamiashibetsucho 469
    This agritourism farm is where you can enjoy cherry picking every year around July and August. It has Japan’s largest all-weather rain dome. Using no chemical fertilizers, and it grows 1,500 plants from over 30 varieties including Sato Nishiki. The homemade jams they make are great souvenirs.

    Me and my family went on the first week of August .By that time only left two fields were open. We decided to go to Gassan field which cost 3500 yen per person. Unknowingly we spend more than 2 hrs...

  • Country Famers Fujita Farm
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kato-gun Shikaoi Cho Urimakunishi 28-26-5
    This dairy farming education farm is where you can learn while visiting a ranch and farm. Observing the behavior of cows, how to breed them and milk production, and milking and butter-making experiences as well as farm tractor test rides are popular with families. You can stay in a cottage and experience the blessings of nature.

    広大な芝地。 牧場に泊まる経験。 サイトに遊びに来る子猫。 雄大な十勝の大地。 アグリツーリズモを彷彿とさせるたたずまい。 ファミリーには最高のキャンプ場です。

  • Sapporo Jozankei Nature Village
    12 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Minami-ku
    This nature experience facility is where you can learn through interacting with plants and animals and nature throughout the four seasons. You can have fun with real branches and tree parts in the forest handicrafts area, and you can enjoy rope athletics in the adventure area. The camp-style cooking experience is also extremely popular. It is a facility popular with families.


  • Sapporo Citizens Disaster Prevention Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Shiroishi-ku Nangodori 6 Kita
    This facility features interactive exhibits where visitors can experience an earthquake, extinguishing a fire, a windstorm, and more. Its purpose is to help people learn about disasters and how to act during a disaster by experiencing simulated disasters.

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Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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