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Waterfall Spots in Hokkaido Area

  • Ryusei-no-taki (Shooting Stars Fall) and Ginga-no-taki (Milky Way Falls)
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kamikawagunkamikawachou Sounkyou
    The cliffs alongside the Ishikari River continue on for 24 kilometers. The two most famous waterfalls flowing from the cliff are Ryusei no Taki (Shooting Stars Falls) and Ginga no Taki (Milky Way Falls). The Shooting Stars waterfall falls violently from a height of 90 meters while the Milky Way waterfall gracefully falls the 120 meters like a fine white thread. The falls are also referred to as male and female falls due to their symmetry. There is a large carpark on route 39 and a 20-minute walk with the waterfalls as a backdrop will lead you to the Sobakudai viewpoint.
  • Kamuiwakka Hot Falls
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Shari-gun, Shari-cho Iwaobetsu Shiretoko National Park
    A waterfall that flows into the river from the active volcano Mt. Shiretoko Io, warms the river like a hot spring. Currently it is possible to walk to the first waterfall but beyond that is closed to the public. The area cannot be accessed by train, so visitors must come by shuttle bus or car. However, there are times when private cars are not allowed access, so be sure to check in advance. Every year there are accidents of people slipping and falling at the waterfall, so please take care and come prepared.
  • Kumagoe Falls
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Menashigunrausuchou National forest 230 Forest team
    Kumagoe Waterfall got its name from the time when a bear was seen going through the waterfall. With a drop of about 15 meters and a large flow rate, this is quite a well known and powerful waterfall. Nearby is an area from where you can see the waterfall, and from here deep in the forest you can get up close to the spray as the water crashes down. The best season to go has got to be in the fall when the leaves are changing color.
  • Oshinkoshin Waterfall
    Travel / Tourism
    Shorisato-cho Shari-cho, Hokkaido Utorishi
    One of the “Eight Scenic Wonders of Shiretoko, the Oshinkoshin Waterfall has also been selected as one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful waterfalls. The great Waterfall is 30 meters wide and 80 meters high, and the water comes crashing down with staggering force; it is also known as the “Waterfall of the Twin Beauties” because the flow is split in two halfway down. The observation platform at the top of the Waterfall offers excellent views of the mountains of the Shiretoko Peninsula and of the Sea of Okhotsk, which in the winter season of drifting sea ice appears as a magical white plain. The bus service to the Oshinkoshin Waterfall has only a limited number of departure times, so it is advisable to check the details before your trip.
  • Shirahige Waterfall
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kamikawagumbieichou Shirogane
    This is an extremely beautiful waterfall, with a blue-tinted stream that wells up from an underground water source crashing over the falls and sending up a white spray. In early summer, the waterfall makes a wonderful contrast with the surrounding greenery, while in winter the whole area is covered in snow; this has made the Shirahige Waterfall a popular place to take photos. The illuminations during the winter months are a must-see.
  • Seseki Waterfall
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Menashigunrausuchou Seseki
    The Seseki Waterfall can be seen on the left as you drive north along Hokkaido Prefectural Highway 87 from Rausu City towards Seseki. Set amidst Yezo Spruce trees and Sakhalin Fir trees, the spray sent up from the waterfall as it comes crashing down from a height of 30 meters is a very impressive sight.
  • Furepe Waterfall
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Sharigunsharichou Onnebetsumura
    A waterfall which falls into the Sea of Okhotsk off of a cliff on the east side of Cape Puyuni on the Shiretoko Peninsula. Furepe's source is underground water which seeps out of the bare rock of a cliff face 100 meters above the ocean. Due to the low amount of water and the gentle, drizzling nature of the falls, it is also nicknamed the Maiden's Tears. Considered one of the eight most beautiful sights in the Shiretoko area, it has also been registered as part of the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site. A one kilometer long walking trail leads from the Shiretoko National Park Nature Center to the Furepe Waterfall observatory.
  • Hagoromo Falls
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Higashi-kawacho Tenninkyo
    This waterfall can be reached from Tenninkyo Gorge in the southeastern part of Daisetsuzan National Park by the promenade. The beautiful way in which two mountain streams merge to form a waterfall is reminiscent of the celestial nymph's robe of feathers, and it received its name from the writer Keigetsu Omachi in 1918. It boasts the title of being the largest waterfall in Hokkaido and the second largest in Japan with a height of 270 meters, and has been chosen as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls. There is also a waterfall stand where you can face the waterfall in front. Being able to enjoy the superb view together with colorful autumn leaves is a major draw. The promenade is accessible from mid-May to mid-November. It is closed due to snow in the winter.
  • Onneto Yu no Taki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Ashoro-gun Ashorocho Moashoro Kokuyurin
    This waterfall is located around 1.5 kilometers from Lake Onneto, which is among Hokkaido's three mysterious lakes. At this designated natural monument, two waterfalls flow down a 20-30 meter rock face formed from manganese, an unusual sight anywhere in the world.
  • Pyotan no Taki Falls
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kasai-gun Nakasatsunaimura
    A 10 meter high waterfall over which the waters of the Satsunai River gather and fall in stunning fashion. A popular sightseeing destination, visitors can take in the majestic natural beauty.
  • Yunohana Falls (Otoko no Namida)
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Shari-gun Sharicho Shiretoko National Park
    The Shiretoko Peninsula's underground spring water gushes vigorously over the precipitous cliff of this stunning waterfall. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the falls from the sea on a kayak or sightseeing boat.
  • Shirogane Fudo Falls
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Bieicho Shirogane
    A 25-minute drive from JR Biei Station. This impressive waterfall is 25 meters tall. Continuing to flow even in winter, visitors can enjoy its beauty year round.
  • Oshubunnainotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Setana-gun Imakane Cho Okusawa
  • Kamuiwakka Yu no Taki
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Hokkaido Shari-gun Sharicho Onnebetsumura Iwaobetsu
  • Kimundonotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Usu-gun Sobetsucho Nakatoya
  • Ginrinnotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Mashike-gun Mashikecho Iwao
  • Shikishimanotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kamikawa-gun Bieicho Chubetsu
  • Shishamonai Notaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Furugunkamoenaimura Sannaimura Kawashira
  • Jusannotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Monbetsu-gun Engarucho
  • Takiguchi
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Kushiro-shi Akancho Akankohan

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Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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