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Sukiyaki / Shabu-shabu Spots in Hokkaido Area

  • Hokkaido Shabu Shabu Pokke Main Store
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamisanjounishi 3 Miyako Building 5F
    Located about a one-minute walk from Susukino Station, it is the lamb shabu (thinly sliced lamb hotpot) specialty shop operated by Sumibiyaki Jingisukan Pokke, a grilled mutton shop that knows lamb meat inside and out. The store has an at-home atmosphere, and there are also counter seats so people can freely come by themselves. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your meals. The provided meat sliced before your eyes has an amazing freshness. Even the other ingredients are carefully selected vegetables from Hokkaido. The course menu with an all-you-can-drink option is recommended. With three servings of Australian lamb, vegetable platter, rice, dessert and other dishes, it is a great deal.
  • Ushishabu sukiyaki You zen
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamiyonjounishi 5-chome 45L building underground 1F
  • Shabushabu Shinsen Dainingu Kukkunouen
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamishichijounishi 3-chome 2nd floor LC Nibankan
  • Hokkaido Izakaya ibaokami susukino
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamiyonjounishi 6-chome Cheerful Building 1F
  • Izakayazekkochoshabushabutoteppanyakiniku Maguroryorimotabehodai
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamirokujounishi 6-chome Lion Building Solar Hall 1F
  • Agu Shabushabu minamikazeyoshirara
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamigojounishi 2-chome Okura Building B1
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Minamiyonjounishi 5-chome 10-1 Tsumugi Building 2F
  • Shabuyo Hakodate Kaji
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Hakodate-shi Kaji 2-chome 1-ban 4-go
  • Shabuyo Tomakomai
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Tomakomai-shi Akenoshinmachi 2-chome 2-ban 6
  • Shabuyo Sapporo Atsubetsu SEIYU
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Atsubetsu-ku Atsubetsunishi 4-jo 6-chome 775-19
  • Shabuyo Sapporo Tanukikoji
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku
  • Waiwai-tei, Tanuki-koji
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Minami 2-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi Shimizu Bldg. 6F, 4-10
  • Oni Ha Soto, Fuku Ha Uchi
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Fushimi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi 1-3-11
  • Shabu SAI AEON MALL Asahikawa Ekimae
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Miyashitadori 7-2-5 AEON MALL Asahikawa Ekimae 4F [410]
  • Shabu SAI AEON MALL Asahikawa Nishi
    1 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hokkaido Asahikawa-shi Midorimachi 23-2161-3 AEON MALL Asahikawa Nishi 1F [136]

    麺はやや弾力性に欠ける感じがしました。 油ももう少し多い方がいいよな。美味しいとは思わないので リピーターになりません。

  • GYUZEN Susukinoten
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Susukinorafila 7F, Minami 4 Jo Nishi 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 064-0804
  • Onihasotofukuhauchi
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    1-3-11, Fushimi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 064-0942
  • Nikuizakaya Taihara Hana-Hana
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Fujiya Okamoto Building 2F, Kita 2 Nishi 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 060-0002
  • Sankousya
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Hotel Mercure Sapporo 2F, Minami 4 Jo Nishi 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 064-0804
  • Sankousya Asahikawaten
    39 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    9, 5-jodori, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido right 1, 070-0035

    Oct 16 Beef is not always available at restos in Japan. Those that do serve beef declare it on the exterior of the resto and usually in English. We were ready for a beef sukiyaki experience. There...

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Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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