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Michi no Eki Road Station Spots in Japan

  • Roadside Station Denen Plaza Kawaba
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Tonegunkawabamura Hagimuro 385
    This roadside station is located along the Prefectural Route 64 Hirakawa Yokozuka Line in Kawaba Village, Tone County, Gunma. It was chosen as the no.1 choice for “favorite roadside station in Kanto.” The spacious lot includes a wide variety of facilities, such as a restaurant, a bakery, a cafe, a beer brewery, a meat plant, a pizzeria, a hotel with a day spa, and a farmer’s market with fresh local vegetables and other specialty products. A great place for the family to spend the day, offering experience with crafts and pottery, and a large playground.
  • Ito Marine Town Rest Area
    Travel / Tourism
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Yukawa 571-19
    This rest area situated along National Route 135 in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture is comprised of a group of colorful buildings facing the sea. Inside, the facility bustles constantly with tourists, and visitors will find restaurants where they can enjoy local fish and beer as well as souvenir shops offering an abundant variety of local Izu goods. Many of the facility’s restaurants allow visitors to be accompanied by their pets in terrace seating areas, making this rest area a popular destination for tourists traveling with their dogs. The rest area’s footbath, situated along the marina, is free to use, and there’s even a footbath area for dogs. Pleasure cruises departing from the arena give riders the chance to enjoy the sights of the Izu sea from the deck or via windows under the water line. The rest area’s day trip hot spring facility is also popular.
  • Roadside Station Maizuruko Tore-Tore Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Kyoto Maidurushi Shimofukui 905
    This Roadside Station is on National Route 175 in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture. It has a seafood market that's considered the largest on the Sea of ??Japan. Visitors enjoy fresh fish and shellfish unloaded at Maizuru Port, including baked seafood and sashimi. In the winter, many tourists stop by for their crab.
  • Roadside Station Kobe Fruit & Flower Park Ozo
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Pref. Koubeshi Kita-ku Ozouchou Kamiozou 2150
    At this roadside station in North Kobe you'll find a spacious middle-ages European style building surrounded by nature along with a flower theme park where you can enjoy the beauty of flowers throughout the different seasons and a shop selling local goods. From Summer to Autumn you can pick fruit from the large orchard and with a play area for children as well as a restaurant, BBQ area, and hot-spring bath house there are options for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Roadside Station Hari T-R-S
    Travel / Tourism
    Nara Pref. Narashi Harichou 345
    This is a Roadside Station next to the Hari Interchange in Hari-cho, Nara City on the National Route 25. As well as Italian cuisine and fast food, there are many restaurants, souvenir and local produce shops, a natural hot spring and pool, Hari Onsen Land, and Hari TRS (terrace) Berry Farm, the largest tourist farm in west Japan (reservations required) in the facility.
  • Roadside Station Doshi
    85 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugundoushimura 9745
    Roadside Station Doshi provides all sorts of information including tourist information on Doshi Village, events and special products. In the restaurant you can enjoy some original dishes made with ingredients freshly harvested from the village. They also have a dessert menu with dishes made with watercress, a special product of Doshi. The shop sells Doshi pork related products, vegetables and edible wild plants from local farmers, river fish, and shichiri miso, etc. They also have a range of vases and woodwork products on sale too. Events are sometimes held depending on the season.


  • Michinoeki Hachioji Takiyama
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Hachioujishi Takiyamamachi 1-592-2
    Located in the Takiyamamachi district of Tokyo’s Hachioji City, this is the only Michi-no-Eiki roadside station in the metropolis. Inside the facility are shops selling side dishes and a farmers’ market where customers can purchase fresh foodstuffs produced by local farmers, as well as cafes and a food court where visitors can taste items on the menu using plenty of locally produced vegetables and dairy products. The Hachioji ramen using onions as a topping is popular. In addition to the provision of traffic updates and sightseeing information in the break area, there is also a kids corner.

    道の駅の中にあるカフェコーヒーやイチゴスムージーや梅ジュースなどの飲み物の他に TOKYO X 豚まんやタコス風サンドが食べられます。 運転の休憩に立ち寄るには良いと思います。

  • Roadside Station Fujiyoshida
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Fujiyoshidashi Araya 1936-6
    This roadside station in Fujiyoshida City, the largest in Yamanashi prefecture, is notable for its up-close views of Mt. Fuji. The facilities include a farmer's market which offers locally-grown fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices, a restaurant offering Yoshida udon noodles, the area's specialty, and a tourist information center. The station combines shopping, eating, and playing all in one facility.
  • Roadside Station Uzushio
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyougo Pref. Minamiawajishi Fukura Hei 947-22
    This road station is on Prefectural Route 237 Fukurahei, Minami Awaji City. Its gift shop sells souvenirs and specialty items like dressing made with the renowned Awaji Island onions, and their restaurant offers set meals, rice bowls, and multi-course fare featuring Awaji beef and local seafood including Awaji Island Sannen Torafugu (three-year tiger puffer fish). The Awajishima Onion Kitchen serves their Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger and onion soft serve ice cream.
  • Roadside Station Shodoshima Olive Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Kagawa Pref. Shouzugunshoudoshimachou Nishimura A: 1941-1
    This rest area is located within Shodoshima Olive Park in Shodoshima Town, Shodoshima County, Kagawa Prefecture. About 2,000 olive trees and over 130 types of herbs are cultivated here, and the park offers an expansive view of the Seto Inland Sea. The pure white “Greek windmill” and other features give the area a distinctly Mediterranean feel. The site includes a cafe with a wonderful view, as well as the “Olive Museum,” which has a shop that offers various olive-themed goods. There’s also an herb garden and the rocket used in the live-action adaptation of “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” along with a natural hot spring, a craft workshop facility, a lodging facility, and more. The cherry blossoms from late March through early April are gorgeous, and there are night cherry blossom light-up events held as well.
  • Himi Banya-gai Harbour Market
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Pref. Himishi Kitaomachi 25-5
    Located in Himi City in Toyama Prefecture, famous for its Himi kanburi (winter yellowtail fish), Himi Banya-gai Harbour Market is a tourist facility which doubles as a roadside station. There are more than 30 establishments here ensuring more than enough for visitors, from shopping to food and hot spring baths. Many tourists come here to take advantage of the many things on offer such as the kaiten-zushi restaurant where guests can enjoy fish direct from Himi Port, gourmet food unique to the local area, fresh local fish, processed seafood products, and souvenirs. Be sure not to miss the spectacular Tateyama Mountains visible across the sea. Visitors to Himi Banya-gai Harbour Market can also enjoy the natural hot spring waters of Himi Onsen.
  • Goka Roadside Station
    7 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Ibaraki Pref. Sashimagungokamachi Koushu 18-1
    This roadside station is about one minute from the Goka Interchange of Sashima County, Ibaraki Prefecture. There is a farmer’s market with rice, tomatoes and other locally-produced goods. You can find croquettes made with yams, and a soba shochu called “Kawa Kasumi” —original local products. You’ll also find goods featuring the town mascot “Gokarin,” and products made by companies with factories in Goka.

    栃木から東京方面に向かう国道4号上り車線にあるこちらの道の駅。 何度も寄っていますが、今回は以前から気になっているテレビでも紹介された『たまげたカレー...

  • Roadside Station Nasu Kogen Yuai no Mori
    243 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tochigi Pref. Nasugunnasumachi Takaku Otsu 593-8
    This roadside station is located at an altitude of 470 meters on the side of Prefectural Route 17, which runs through Nasu County, Tochigi Prefecture. It features a wide variety of facilities including the Fureai no Sato Farmer's Market, where visitors can purchase fresh seasonal produce, as well as Nasutoran, which offers Nasu Wagyu beef dishes and other dishes. Other facilities include the Kogeikan craft center, the Kanko Koryu Centre tourist information center, and more, making it a place where many tourists stop by.

    Randomly found this place while visiting Nasu. It was really neat. I wouldn't make a trip just for it but if you happen to be passing through, definitely stop and look around.

  • Roadside Station Awaji
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyougo Pref. Awajishi Iwaya 1873-1
    "This roadside station is about five minutes by car from the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway's Awaji Interchange at the northernmost point of Awaji Island. Its souvenir shop offers lots of items that can only be purchased there. They have local craft beer, Awaji grown onions and other produce, and prepared onion products like dressing and onion chips. Their Kaisen-kan Eatery has lots of rice bowls, including raw shirasu baby sardines on rice and grilled conger eel on rice. The ""Awa be-"" shop offers hearty burgers packed with lots of Awaji beef."
  • Nose (Kuri no Sato)
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Toyonogunnosechou Hirano 535
    This is a roadside station located on National Route 173 in Nose Town at the northernmost tip of Osaka Prefecture. There are many experiential farms in the area including Osaka Fumin Farm and Nose-no-Sato and the perfect place to use as a tourist base. The special market sells vegetables produced in Nose Town picked freshly that morning as well as handmade agricultural products made by locals in the town improvement group. At the restaurant Hidamari visitors can taste home cuisine that can only be tasted locally, using rice milled at the produce center.
  • Roadside Station - Niigata Furusato Village
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Nigatashi Nishi-ku Yamada 2307
    Niigata Furusato Village is a large-scale roadside service area located on National Route 8 in Yamada, Nishi Ward, Niigata City. The complex includes the Bazaar Hall, which has shops selling Niigata specialty products and handicrafts and restaurants where visitors can enjoy local cuisine, the Appeal Hall, where visitors can learn about Niigata’s history and culture and visit the tourist information office, and which also has shops and a café, flower fields where seasonal flowers can be viewed, a traditional Japanese-style garden, and the all-weather Greenhouse building which houses a large adventure playground for children. Niigata Furusato Village also hosts a wide range of special events, including Morning Markets.
  • Roadside Station Tamba Obaachan no Sato
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyougo Pref. Tambashi Kasugachounanukaichi 710
    "This roadside station is just off the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway's Kasuga Interchange. Its shop sells local Tamba specialty products and Japanese sweets with a taste ""Just Like Grandma Used to Make."" The food court's Kokoro bakery offers fresh baked bread made with Tamba specialties like beans and chestnuts. Their Black Bean Bread made with brown sugar and lots of large black beans worked into the dough is especially popular."
  • Springs Hiyoshi
    46 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Kyoto Nantanshi Hiyoshichounaka Miyanotaka 8
    This roadside station in Hiyoshicho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture lies directly below Hiyoshi Dam and is one of Nantan City’s greatest tourist spots. Inside there are vendors selling fresh local vegetables direct and a corner for specialty goods, as well as a restaurant offering Dam Curry and a traditional Chinese medicine-style black soybean milk ramen. The building across from the connecting bridge is the “Hiyoshi Onsen” day trip hot spring with facilities including a heated pool. There are also plenty of outdoor facilities including a barbecue garden and ground golf.

    We had an impromptu lunch at the Hiyosh Springs restaurant after hiring motorbikes on a Sunday in Kyoto and heading out to the Maiyama hills for the day. The food was delicious, beautifully presented...

  • Michinoeki Utsukushi-ga-Hara Open-Air
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Pref. Uedashi Takeshikamihoniri Mikahara Plateau
    With an elevation of 2,000 meters it is said to be the highest roadside station in Japan. From here you can see the Northern Alps (Hida Mountains), Mt. Asama and Sakudaira. In the popular Observatory Terrace, you can enjoy coffee and soft ice-cream while looking out over superb views. There is also a restaurant and a shopping area. The place has become well-known among tourists as a roadside station where visitors can take a relaxing break. The Utsukushi-Gahara Open-Air Museum next door (entrance fee 1,000 yen) has up to 350 outstanding sculptures on display outside covering a wide area. It is well worth a visit especially in summer when the alpine flowers are at their best.
  • Salmon Park Chitose
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Chitoseshi Hanazono 2-4-2
    A roadside station standing along National Route 337 connecting the cities of Chitose and Otaru. The Chitose River flows through the grounds and when in season you can see salmon swimming upstream here. The rest area has a large children's space and many families with children stop by here. The Chitose Aquarium, one of the largest freshwater fish aquariums in Japan, adjoins the station, and here you can see salmon as well as freshwater fish from around the world. A fish wheel on the river is used to catch salmon and you can observe the salmon fishing process.

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