Sea Spots in Japan

  • Kabira Bay
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    Okinawa Pref. Ishigakishi Kabira
    Kabira Bay, located in the northwestern part of Ishigaki Island, has some of the best scenery on the island. The gentle cobalt blue sea is some of the clearest in the world, and the beach is filled with fine white sand. Board a glass boat and you can see brilliantly colored tropical fish and coral reefs. Kabira Park, located on a plateau, is highly recommended for its splendid view of the bay.
  • Toyama Bay
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    Toyama Prefecture
    "This bay is located in southern northern area of the Hokuriku region. The largest open sea-inner bay on the Sea of Japan, it is famous for the abundance of fish and its mirages. You can see the majestic landscape of the 3,000 meter-high Tateyama Mountain Range from the bay. Arisomi, one of the settings of ""Oku no Hosomichi"" (The Narrow Road to the Deep North), has been designated as one of Japan's most scenic spots. In addition, the submarine canyon called Aigame where the water suddenly becomes deep is the perfect home for fish. Various fish can be caught because of the warm and cold currents that flow into Toyama Bay, uniquely allowing you to get fresh tastes of firefly squid that flock around the coast while emitting a pale blue light, and translucent glass shrimp."
  • Kuchinotsu Port
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    Nagasaki Pref. Minamishimabarashi Kuchinotsuchou Hei 4134-71
    This port is located in Kuchinotsu-cho, Minamishimabara City. After opening as a trading port in 1562 and prospering as the base of European trade and Christian missionary activities, it was used as a port to reload coal from the Miike coal mine during the Meiji period (1868-1912). The Marine Festa in Kuchinotsu is held every July, and there are various events such as fireworks displays.
  • Kanmon Straits
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    Shimonoseki City Yamaguchi
    "The straits separating Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture from Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture. Kanmon gets its name from the ""seki"" (also read as ""kan"") in Shimonoseki and the ""mon"" in Monji in Kitakyushu City. Kanmon tunnel passes under the sea, while there is also Kanmon Bridge over an express highway. It is also known for a battle on Ganryujima Island between Musashi MIYAMOTO and Kojiro SASAKI in 1612."
  • Funaori Seto Straits
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    Ehime Imabari-shi Hakatacho Arozu
    This straits are in Arouzu, Hakata-cho, Imabari City, between the two Geiyo islands of Hakata Island and Ushima Island. Its notable feature is the strong tidal current that arises in the narrow (300 meter) strait, and since ancient times, it has been known as one of the most difficult places to navigate on the Seto Inland Sea. The Funaori Tide Observation Deck has been set up where visitors can observe ships advancing through the 15 kilometer per hour tidal current.
  • Yamada Bay
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    Iwate Shimohei-gun Yamadamachi
    This bay is located in the eastern part of Iwate Prefecture. The Ria coastal inlet can be found in the northern part of the Sanriku Coast, and extends northeast towards the Pacific Ocean. It covers a circumference of approximately 30 kilometers, and the coast, resembling a still round mirror, reflects the brilliant green pine trees on the white rock surface. The large and small islands floating quietly in the center of the bay are also covered in brilliant green trees, and with the bay encompassing them, it seems like a giant-sized miniature garden. Many oysters and scallops are cultivated in the bay with its gentle waves, and it has been named the Lake Towada of the sea. At present, recovery operations are steadily making progress to repair damage caused by the 2011 earthquake.
  • Yakena Straits
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    Okinawa Uruma Yonashiro
    This observatory sits atop a small hill near the entrance of the strait that passes between Yakena Port and Yabuchi Island. Below you'll see the beautiful scenery of the Yakena Strait, mentioned in the Asian Lorelai Fable, and the contrast between the emerald green of the sea and the green of the trees that run along the coastline is a wondrous sight to behold. Out past Yabuchi Island and the Yabuchi Ohashi Bridge you can even see as far as the main island of Okinawa. It's a wonderful, quiet spot situated here on the back side of the peninsula to take in the view of what some call Okinawa's Seto Inland Sea.
  • Morozaki Minato
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    Aichi Chita-gun Minamichitacho Morozaki Myojin Yama 8
  • Katakai Fishing Port
    Travel / Tourism
    Chiba Sanbu-gun Kujukurimachi
  • Tadanomi Minato
    Travel / Tourism
    Hiroshima Takehara-shi Tadanominakamachi
  • Osaka Bay
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  • Suruga Bay
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  • Arikawa Minato
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagasaki Minamimatsuura-gun Shinkamigoto Cho Arikawago
  • Wakasa Bay
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  • Tokyo Bay
    Travel / Tourism
  • Garden Pier
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Nagoya-shi Minato-ku Minatomachi
  • Yokata Fishing Port
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Toyama-shi Yokataminatomachi
  • Iwanai Minato
    Travel / Tourism
    Hokkaido Iwanai-gun Iwanaicho Mandai
  • Nogita Fishing Port
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukuoka Itoshima-shi Shima Nogita
  • Nachi Bay
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Nachikatsuuracho

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