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Legal Entity Spots in Japan

  • Dojima Avanza
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Osaka Osakashi Kita-ku Doujima 1-6-20
    This office building is on Dojima Yotsubashi-suji street in Kita-ku, Osaka, and was built with great ingenuity to focus on functionality and amenity, with 60% surrounded by open space. Tucked away amongst the abundant seasonal trees you'll find the uniquely shaped Dojima Yakushido dome with a pond, waterfall, and a walkway. This blend of greenery, water, and light forms an oasis in the city, and has become a famous location in Naniwa. While the upper floors are office space from the B1F to the 3F you'll find Kansai's largest Junkudo bookstore as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.
  • Tokyo Nihombashi Tower
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Nihombashi 2-7-1
    A multipurpose facility conveniently connected directly to Nihombashi Station. With rental offices, an event hall, and restaurants, the facility is able to serve a wide variety of needs. Tokyo Nihombashi Tower also offers quick and easy access to Shinkansen lines as well as the Haneda and Narita airports. The tower's event hall is one of the largest in the area and can accommodate up to 1,300 people.
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Nihombashikabutochou 2-1
    An exchange for financial instruments located in Nihombashikabuto-cho, Chuo City, Tokyo. The exchange has opened for markets including the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, on which is listed the stocks of various famous international and domestic companies, and the Second Section, Mothers and JASDAQ. In Japan, the name of the exchange is frequently shortened to Tosho.
  • R antiques
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture Inamuragasaki 3-7-14
    Here one can look around for antique furniture comfortable in the warmth of wood in a traditional Japanese home. The items on offer are old but selected with a keen sense of something new, too.
  • Kamakura Yohira Hase
    4 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Hase 1-15-16
    The shop’s name, “Yohira,” is another name for the French hydrangea, normally called “ajisai” Japanese. A French hydrangea design is used on the packages for the shop’s signature Kinusuki oil blotting papers. Yohira’s cosmetics, sold in packages decorated with designs inspired by the culture of the ancient capital of Kamakura, and well as its Kinusuki blotting papers featuring seasonal flower motifs make perfect souvenirs.


  • Kiryu Club, Kiryu
    7 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Gunma Pref. Kiryushi Nakamachi 2-9-36
    This Spanish colonial Western-style hall was the first of its kind to be built in Japan, in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, in 1919. The Kiryu Club itself is a corporation founded after the reorganization of the Kiryu social gathering, a social institution for the development of local public facilities and the promotion of industry in the area. Its members regularly hold various parties and competitions. The hall was designated as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan in 1996 and as an Important Cultural Property of Kiryu City in 2015.

    こちらのホームペーシを閲覧すると 日本最古のスパニッシュコロニアル様式[添付 写真参照、大正8年(1919) ] と記載されていたので 訪問しました。8月17日に訪問、ホームペーシに 休業日が土・日・祝日 他 お盆休み などと掲載されていたので 内部に入らず 外観鑑賞のみとしましたが JR桐生駅構内にある[桐生観光物産館...

    36 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Taitou-ku Matsugaya 2-24-1
    A traditional kitchenware shop which has operated in Kappabashi since the Meiji period. The shop procures quality products direct from skilled craftspeople to supply them to customers seeking truly good items. The shop's primary focus is kitchen knives and iron pots and pans. The shop's frypans and woks are hand-hammered from plate iron. KAMA-ASA's thick rice pots are Nambu-tekki ironware. Its kitchen knives are handmade by craftspeople from around the country and left plain without any name inscribed. On request, customers can have their name inscribed at the time of purchase. Customers can also have kitchen knives purchased here sharpened for an additional fee.

    We have shopped on Kappabachi-dori many times, visited all of the knife shops and even bought knives at several of them. We remember getting very attentive service and personalized engraving of high...

  • Chikusen
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Nihombashikobunachou 2-3
    This is a historic clothing store, established in 1842, located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Chikusen primarily specializes in yukata kimonos having been hand dyed by artisan in the same manner since Edo and Meiji periods. The acclaim of these has not remained in Japan but has spread abroad to countries all across the globe. The yukatas have been introduced and promoted in many magazines and in commercials. The store not only carries yukatas, but other Japanese hand towels, furoshikis, and small items. These all have beautiful Japanese dyed designs and are available in-store and online as well. The recent new designs of the Chinese zodiac, and many other collaboration items are offered.
  • Ubukeya
    4 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Nihombashiningyouchou 3-9-2
    Ubukeya is a traditional Japanese blade maker that was established in 1783. Nestled between the buildings in Nihonbashi Ningyocho is a wooden storefront where it feels like you've stepped back in time. Ubukeya's name originated when store founder Kinosuke said their knives were sharp enough to shave, cut and remove ubuge (peach fuzz). Now they offer an array of western and Japanese blades, knives, scissors, and tweezers. Their tweezers are highly praised and smiths bring their unfinished items for the craftsmen to sharpen into finished blades.

    This shop nudes between more modern and certainly higher buildings. It is visible it comes from different era- where the quality does matter more than the price. The shop offers not only knifes but...

  • Edo Cut Glass, Hanasho Nihonbashi
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Nihombashihonchou 3-6-5
    This shop, located in 3 Chome of Nihonbashi-honcho in the Chuo City, is a purveyor of Edo Kiriko cut glass. It sells Edo Kiriko cut glass products that are iconic samples of the traditional Edo period cut glass, as well as unique patterns based on the original motifs. The world renown technique is highly valued. The Kometsunagi-pattern wine glasses were selected as gifts for the national guests of the Toyako Summit in 2008.
  • Asahara Glass Blowing
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Hokkaido Otarushi Tenjin 1-13-20
    This glass manufacturing company in Tenjin, Otaru City, Hokkaido was founded in 1900. The glass floats made using recycled glass were created to replace the wooden floats formerly used by fishers. Today in Japan, this manufacturer is the only one that still makes these glass floats. One gets a sense of the ocean in the store's interior and displays. The round floats come in two patterns, those where a plug navel is placed over the blow hole, and those that are open-holed floats filled with shells or sand, made into lamps or planters, etc. The suspension ropes come in two colors. These glass floats have also been featured in television dramas. By reservation, visitors can try their hand at blowing glass.
  • Senmaruya (Main Shop)
    3 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Sakai-cho Shoji Road
    This veteran yuba (tofu skin) shop is in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto city. Founded in 1804, they make their yuba in the same tradition they have from the start. They offer an incredible variety of fresh and dried yuba. At their Sakai Main Shop, they offer hot pot dishes at lunchtime that let guests enjoy the simple flavors of broth made from dry yuba and kelp, along with vegetables and chicken.


  • Tsujiwa Kanaami
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Nakagyou-ku Kameyachou Sakai-machi 175
    Tsujiwa Kanaami in Kyoto's Nakagyo Ward sells metal netting for grilling, ladles, colanders and other metal nets and strainers needed for cooking or household water pipes and drains. Tsujiwa Kanaami's products, created with tradition-based manufacturing methods, are favorites of both home-based users and professionals in restaurants and other businesses. Visitors can observe craftsmen creating the netting and grillwork in the back of the shop.
  • Kyo Yamashita
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Kiyomizu Teromen Maebaing Sakakiba Jun Shimizu 3-316
    Kyo Yamashita, located on Sanneizaka in Kyoto's Higashiyama Ward, specializes in Japanese-style pickles. The owners use fresh vegetables that they have grown themselves to make such favorites as asazuke (lightly pickled vegetables) and Nara zuke (vegetables pickled in sake). Their One cucumber snack, which customers can eat while walking around, is popular, and they have products for every season. Local people patronize this store, and since it is near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, tourists come in to buy souvenirs.
  • Yaya
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Ishibashichou 306
    Yaya is a store that sells antique kimono in Kyoto's Higashiyama Ward. It deals in kimono for a wide variety of situations: for everyday wear, for special occasions, and for visiting. It also sells accessories, such as cords for fastening obi and zori sandals. Many people are attracted to its lessons on how to make craft items using old fabrics.
  • Kyoto Karakusaya
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Muromachi-dori Hexagon Hulled Down Koiyama cho 510 Miyai Kyoto Building 1F
    This furoshiki wrapping cloth dealer is in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City. They work to spread awareness of furoshiki culture and offer a variety of furoshiki cloths, including ones with traditional patterns, as well as more intricate designs. There are also lessons about how to wrap properly with furoshiki. They'll help with wrapping tips after purchase, too.
  • Robotz
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Okinawa Pref. Nahashi Tsuji 1-5-251F
    Robotz Glass is a gallery shop handling Ryukyu glass, wooden accessories and interior goods. In the shop, there are simple, clear and beautiful glass arts including tableware such as glasses and plates as well as a lineup of simple and radiant wooden furniture and accessories.
  • Ame no Toyoshita
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Osaka Osakashi Abeno-ku Bishouen 2-13-3
    Ame no Toyoshita is located a five-minute walk from both JR Bishoen Station and Koboreguchi Station on the Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line. Founded in 1872, this venerable shop in Abeno Wardsells traditional hard candy and has won numerous prizes over the years. The shop uses carefully selected ingredients, especially domestic fruit, and Naniwa vegetables grown in Osaka. They manufacture and sell varieties of hard candy that are found nowhere else, including Tennoji TurnipCandy and Tanabe Daikon RadishCandy. The Naniwa's Traditional Vegetable Candy, the various flavors of candies in cute vegetable shapes are also recommended for Osaka souvenirs. Tachibana Orange Candy and Mt. Kumano Honey Candy are available only in the shop.
  • Kankou Nouen Nanrakuen
    1 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Osaka Sakaishi Minami-ku Bessho 1457
    Take the Nankai bus to Yokoyama High School from the Nankai Koya Line's Toga-Mikita Station. The park is approximately 700 meters walk from the Bessho Minami bus stop. The park covers an area about three times the size of the Koshien Stadium, and visitors to the park can enjoy harvesting various fruits and vegetables depending on the season, such as strawberries, oranges, pears, grapes and sweet potatoes. The fruits and vegetables are grown using organic fertilizer, with as little pesticide as possible. The park is also home to a famous cafe, Cave Cafe Kagashi, which makes use of a war-time cave that was used by the army to store medicines. Direct buses are available on Sundays and national holidays from September to November.

    夏休みに家族連れでぶどう狩りに行きました。食べ頃のぶどうを切ってその場で食べるのはとてもよい経験になります。ぶどうを冷やして食べるための冷水とお椀を用意しておくと便利かと思います。駐車場完備です。 釣り池もあり、大きめの金魚がたくさんいるのですが、うどんのような餌と釣竿での金魚つりは、子供に大人気!餌がよいのか、どの子も10匹くらい軽く連れて大はしゃぎ。1匹100円と袋代50円で持ち帰れます。長め...

  • Sugiyohouen Hakone-yumoto Main Shop
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kanagawa Pref. Ashigarashimogunhakonemachi Yumoto 704
    This is the Hakone-Yumoto store of nationwide chain Sugiyohouen located in Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture. Inside they offer a rich variety of honeys from Japan and abroad, including the popular manuka honey, yuzu honey, and honey with fruit juices including blueberry. They also match their products to suit the season, such as lotus flower and mandarin orange in spring, and acacia from early summer. The honey ice cream and pleasant honey drink are both popular as gourmet walking snacks.

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