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Children’s Play Area / After-school Child Care Center Spots in Japan

  • Niigata Prefectural Kodomo Shizen Okoku
    2 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nigata Pref. Kashiwazakishi Takayanagichoutakao 30-33
    This large prefectural children's recreational complex located a 30-minute drive from Muikamachi Interchange has a theme of Play, Learn, Stay. It offers hands-on activity programs for children that utilize the surrounding natural environment to the fullest. The complex's main building contains hands-on learning classrooms, a play hall, lodging facilities, a restaurant, a shop, and more. Outdoor facilities include a hands-on workshop, a large playground, a tree house, campground, barbequing area, a waterfront, a canoeing area, a family ski area (winter only), and more. All in all, it is a place where parents and children alike can play to their hearts content.

    2019年のGWに家族で利用しました。 6歳と3歳の男の子は、アスレチック、変形自転車、サッカーで安全に楽しんでいました。近くの山には残雪があり景色も良かったです。 夏には敷地内の小川で遊べるようです。 宿泊施設は4人家族には十分。 料金も関東圏よりもリーズナブルですし、何といっても食事がとてもおいしかったです。夜食と朝食はバイキング。 メニューは子供が食べられるようにと考えられているようでしたが...

  • Mie Kodomo no Shiro
    15 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Mie Pref. Matsusakashi Tachinochou 1291 Inside Chubu-kai Sports Park
    A large children's play facility located in Chubudai Park, Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture. Facilities include a play land with a climbing wall and slides; art and science space where children can make crafts and conduct science experiments; hall for events and theater productions; stage space; and planetarium. The facility also holds events like lectures by scientists and Bon festival dances, and there's a light meal corner, making it easy for visitors to enjoy a whole, fun-filled day here.


  • Lake Biwa Children's Land
    26 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Shiga Pref. Takashimashi Adogawachoukitafunaki 2981
    A huge facility for children located in Kitafunaki Adogawa-cho, Takashima City. Outdoor areas include a huge playground and obstacle course, various activity facilities, and a campground where visitors can enjoy day camping and barbecuing. The indoor Niji-no-ie hall has lodging rooms, a large public bath (open to lodgers only), a cafeteria, workshop rooms where crafting classes are held, and indoor play equipment.

    A great day out For FREE.. even if the weather turns bad there are tings to do inside. traditional park rides and some new style stuff. some rides / entertainment require a small fee about 300...

  • Toda City Child Center Primrose
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Saitama Pref. Todashi Sasame 2-19-14
    This children's center can be reached by taking a busbound for Kitatoda Station from the Toda Station on the JR Saikyo Line. After disembarking at the Jido Center Iriguchi it is just a 3-minute walk to this center well furnished with athletic type equipment for children. This center, for use by children of ages 0 through 18, is a multi-use facility, such as body movement activities using the athletic course or the trampoline, or developmental activities like toys, videos, and even playing band instruments which can checked-out for practice. With prior reservations the children's halls can be reserved for seminars or dance practice. In order to provide a safe activity center, the usage times are allotted according to age groups. Please check the schedule before visiting.
  • Koshigaya Municipal Children's Center Cosmos
    8 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Saitama Pref. Koshigayashi Sengendaihigashi 2-9
    This children's center is in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture. The building has facilities for children from 0 to 18 years old to play in active, healthy ways. There's a toy room, a library, a group room, a planetarium, and audiovisual room, all spread over three floors, and on the roof there's an astronomical observatory, as well.


  • Akita Prefectural Children's Museum Miraia
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Akita Akita-shi Sannonakajimamachi 1-2
    A children's museum situated along Jidokaikan-dori Street in Sannonakajima-machi, Akita City. Facilities include a state-of-the-art planetarium, recreation hall, exhibition room where children can learn about outer space and the Earth, and a science experiment laboratory. The adjoining children's theater can seat 778 and is used for concerts and plays.
  • Iwate Children's Center Iwate Kodomo no Mori
    13 Reviews
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Iwate Pref. Ninohegunichinohemachi Okunakayama Nishitako 1468-2
    This is Iwate Prefecture’s only large-scale children’s center. It is a hands-on facility that allows children to play freely in nature, and experience many things through various games with friends and family. There are campgrounds, accommodation facilities, outdoor and indoor playgrounds in the vast grounds surrounded by beautiful beech forests. In the indoor area there are various places to play such as an adventure tower “Noppii” with various gimmicks, “Rakugaki-dori” (Scribble Street) where visitors can draw freely, and various workshops are held on weekends.


  • Children’s Center Tsurukko
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Machida-shi Okuramachi 1913
    "A facility for the enjoyment of youngsters ranging from infants to 18 years old. Located in the Tsurukawa area, the children's center has a big playroom, open spaces, a library, cooking rooms, and more. Children's ideas are incorporated throughout the center, including in its name, based on the idea that ""kids play the starring role"" there."
  • Ageo Children's Center Children's Castle
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Saitama Ageo-shi Imaizumi 272
  • after-school Shichisai
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Osaka Toyonakashi Shinsenrikitamachi 2-20-8
  • After school day care Nest
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kanagawa Pref. Odawarashi Kuno 1512-8
  • Ko Pu after-school Taishido
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Miyagi Pref. Sendaishi Taihaku-ku Suwamachi 13-45
  • Global Oyako Club shinagawa Nishioi
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Futaba 3-24-6 Urban Buhler 1F
  • manabigakudo hibiki House
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Kubo 5-656
  • Jena Academy
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Bunkyou-ku Koishikawa 4-20-1 Ito Create Koishikawa Building
  • Jena Academy myogatani Sta. Mae
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Bunkyou-ku Koishikawa 5-5-7 Nakazawa Bill 2A
  • Atake Gakudo club aiakirashuchijuku
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokushima Pref. Tokushimashi Atake 1-7-18
  • Gakudo Kodomo Class Mahasu
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Kanagawa Pref. Yokohamashi Kanagawa-ku Rokkakubashi 2-27-2
  • Beyond International
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Izumi 2-1-6
  • Hokagoto Day service Istwa Konosu Komatsu Class
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Saitama Pref. Kounosushi Komatsu 3-10-20

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